Monday, February 28, 2005

Illustration Friday: Jazz

I didn't want to miss out on this weeks topic, but I'm flat out with other drawing work to do anything new!
So here's a piece done previously. It's a page from the Criss Cross Jazz webcomic.

Current song: "Swinging the Blues": Count Basie


I don't like my previous post. On reflection it needed a serious edit, but it's too late now to go back.
What's the etiquette on re-editing blogs? How long have you got between posting it and being able to edit? Is there any grace period at all? Should all the editing be done before you hit that PUBLISH button?

Also the internet bores me at the moment.
Probaly like tv. Great medium, but not much happening to capture my attention.
The only site I get almost daily enjoyment from is C-Mans. None of you other bludgers update enough! I demand atleast 3 times a week. Dr Garth does a pretty good job as well. Regular and varied.
Comic websites bore me. I haven't even read the great Steven Grants column in awhile.

Chalk it up to my impatience with dial-up internet, or maybe my continuing impatience to the world.

So whats floating peoples boat- internet wise?

Current Song: Makin' Whoopie- Frank Sinatra

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Your guide to a better Life 101

I arrogantly consider myself what my mum would call "self-aware".
That is, I have a pretty strong (self-deluded) confidence and direction in myself.
I've never read a philosophy book in my life. Freud,I know, digs dick. And his mum. But that's about the extent of my philosophy learning.
What wisdom I possess I've gathered from your 20th C thinkers.

And 80's movies.

There are 1 or 2 in particular that I've seen and gleamed a little bit of insight that has helped me make sense of this fucked up world.

is one such film.
This line has helped me form my personal political stance:
"ISM'S in my opinion are not good. A person should not believe in an "ism". He should believe in himself. I quote John Lennon- " I don't believe in The Beatles. I just believe in me."
Good point John.
After all, he was the Walrus. I could be the Walrus. I'd still have to bum rides of people.
"- Ferris Bueller.

I, too, have to bum rides of people.

And then there is this tasty line:
"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in awhile, you can miss it."- Ferris Bueller

Which is where I am at.
Busy, busy, busy.

Spent this week in at the animation studio, storyboarding. It's a good, tight, funny script. Monkeys, ducks, elephants & tropical cocktails. Slapstick violence and fart jokes. For kids.
Should be finished with it early next week. Then I've got a 'boarding test for a gig in Melbourne.
Then I've got the 8 page Dudecoat story with The C-man. The story that'll get us unlimited VIP pass into the Pantheon of the Gods.
Then I must update my website. Then I've gots to paint for the "Dribbly Penis"(working title) all-man exhibition later in the year.
Then there is Illustration Fridays, that I keep on attempting, but haven't finished in time.
Here is a sketch I did the other week on the back of a phone bill while sitting in a gutter waiting for a friend to get home. The theme was "Flight".

Thats not even mentioning my extra-curricular activities. Amongst other things, there is a supoib jazz festival hitting Hobart this weekend. Some of the countries best jazz musicians will be kicking out the jams!

And I still have my discussion of The Auto-biography of Malcom X to write for this blog. I also have a whole Masters of the Universe gag to use somewhere here as well.
Like Ferris says, "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in awhile, you can miss it."

And although I only saw it the once, something Johny Depp's character in Don Juan DeMarco said about the nature of women struck a profound chord in me. But it's something too sappy even for me to retell.

The other movie that has formed a big part of my outlook on life is Conan The Barbarian. Seriously.
But thats for another time!

I think it was Frank Sinatra who said "I'm for whatever gets you through the night."

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Would You Do It Again?

"Morality is temporary, Wisdom is permanent....Ho ho. Take that one to bed with you tonight."- Hunter S. Thompson

Trying to get tired so I can get up and go to work, but having this line bounce around my skull. Because, someway, it is relevant to tonights events.

And because last weekend (my birthday) a great words-man left the world.

Monday, February 21, 2005

Birthday shenanigans Part 1

Dougie gone and done good, so he gets another mention.
Check out his website. There's a drawing of me on my birthday. I'm not wearing any pants!

This is why he is one of the best illustrators in the country!


This news just in:

douglas says:
it's my goal for every blog entry you write to mention me in some way
douglas says:
i was very dissapointed in the last couple of efforts
scott fraser says:
oh. Geez. why don't you start your own blog.
douglas says:
i really should
douglas says:
douglas says:
i was in JB hifi on the weekend
scott fraser says:
this story is sounding boring- you'd better spice it up if you want it published.
douglas says:
i was in JBHIFI...perusing the Jazz and Blues section...and what should i see in the new and recommended section?
douglas says:
scott fraser says:
Oh- Pete Cornelius?
douglas says:
and the devilles
scott fraser says:
Wicked. This pleases me!
douglas says:
douglas says:
It pleased me too.
scott fraser says:
Did you purchase it?
douglas says:
no...cause we were buying MP3 players....but i will next time...if you reccomend it
scott fraser says:
Yeah- check it out.
douglas says:
cool i will. It was cheap too
douglas says:
well...not cheap cause it sucked...but JB hifi cheap
douglas says:
but there is a cool detail on the back cover of the skelington and the werewolf. Did you get to do interior too?
scott fraser says:
yeah- all of it. (except the ordering form- they tacked that on.)
scott fraser says:
How much?
douglas says:
from memory about $20 to $23
scott fraser says:
Thats a Bargain!
douglas says:
ats a spicey meataball!
scott fraser says:
This is going on the blog! And I'll name drop you.
douglas says:


After that tasty-tidbit of info from Douglas I checked out Pete's website and dicovered that Pete and the lads were Category finalists for the 2005 Australian Blues Music Awards in 3 areas.

Running In the Red -Pete Cornelius & the Devilles (Only Blues Music)

Creatures of the Night -Pete Cornelius & the Devilles (Only Blues Music)

Pete Cornelius & the Devilles-Creatures of the Night (Only Blues Music)

Not too shabby, hey? Wonder if it had anything to do with the sexy album artwork?

BTW, Pete is currently touring the country- so if he's in your town- check out his live act! Simply fantastic!

And, the wunderkid is turning 21 this coming weekend!

29 + 1 = 30

It's official. I am indestructible!
Fear, respect and love me!

I may even let you in on the secret......... if I can be bothered.

Friday, February 18, 2005

Not just a pencil pusher...

Last night was the final match in the summer competition of Touch Football. We ended the season with a devastating 9-5 win! Placing us 3rd last on the ladder!

Yes that is a football-sized human head in my hands.
No it isn't anything kinky.

Unless you want it to be.

Oh yeah- tomorrow I turn 30.

Current song: "Burn Hollywood! Burn!"- Public Enemy & Ice Cube

Thursday, February 17, 2005


Warning: Bumrush disclaimer.

scott fraser says:
well.......... who am I to dictate your feelings?
douglas says:
you can't help how you feel.
scott fraser says:
we are after all, just men. Like Icarus who flew to close to the sun.
douglas says:
Yes...just like Icarus. who could know that if he'd chosen to go to the penis vs anus fight instead of sticking on a pair of paddle pop stick wings that he'd not be with us this very day.
scott fraser says:

Year of the Rooster

This was for last weeks Illustration Friday. Topic was "YEAR OF THE ROOSTER". Didn't get it finished in time. Not really happy with it, but it was good to get the eye back in after a lengthy absence from drawing.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005


By popular request- the Star-fucking story.
I've a belly full of scotch, so buckle up kids- this will go off the rails.

Some of you may know this about me. Others may not. I have a famous person within my family. Very well known sporting person. "Australian living legend" etc, etc.
He is known not only for (seriously) being the best in his field in any life-time, but for his good-sportsmanship & off-court achievements. A genuine INTERNATIONAL champion. (That means that no-one in the entire world beat him in his prime. Think about that!)
He is my mothers' brother. My uncle.
Who he is isn't important.
But the fact that I've grown up with the concept of "fame" and incredible accomplishment within my family is. At an early age I remember going out to dinner with him, and having complete strangers approaching our table. Through him I've met/been in the same room with famous people. He counts George Bush Snr as a close friend. Has photos of him & past USA presidents on his office wall. He even was the cause of a potential presidential scandal during George Bush Jnr's first shot at the title. ( I tell you this not to brag, but to explain the extent of fame I've come across- pay attention kids- it'll make sense soon).
So that's fame. That's achievementt. That's power.
Hell, even my own father would be up there in anyone's books with achievement, gain and rubbing shoulders with the rich & famous.
So I've seen money. I've seen fame.
I've also seen and experienced poverty. I've seen & experienced failure. I've very much seen & experienced adversity.
The simple truth of it all is that you judge everyone on their own grounds. As individuals.
My golden rule is that dickheads come in all walks of life. People are people.


So with that stupid premise out of the way, how does this relate to my story of Star-fucking?
What got me thinking about the whole concept of fame was my last week in Melbourne.
Within that one week I drank with American cult TV actors, flirted with TV Deva's, caught public transport with millionaires & attended gallery openings with national comedic celebrities.

Sure I could name drop & exaggerate my romantic trists. But when it comes down to it- most of these people were flash-in-the-pans. Barely blips on my screen.
Who I really want to hype up, name drop & spread the godly gossip about are the true celebs in my life.
Starting with the very beginning of 2005-the Sydney swingers. Kicking off the New Year!D'Lovely, unpretentious people. Shakers and movers!
My Sydney friends- Old School! Those that were celebrating the wondrous union of Robin & Nadia in the Swiss Alps & those that were holding down the fort back home. You guys are truly family in my heart! (Yo, yo to Steve & Thi for the "men-of-action" weekend).
Speaking of family- my family! I moved states to get away from you, but you are the reason I'd return!
Then we move south to the magical urban city of Melbourne.
Sam & Dave. Truly, 100% goddess & god! Can't do enough justice to how much of a crush I have on this couple! Not only did they give a week of their lives to me, but they introduced me to really great peeps!
Paula_H -a bonified TV rock-queen celeb! (she took me to St Kilda for my first time in 37 degree heat!)
From here, the mooch mooched to my artistic-padre/bestfriend! When in the trenches I choose to have Douglas at my back. Queen Janice puts up with a lot from our idiotics and I love her for it and more!
My personal hero, & drinking partner-of-choice= Big Daddy!!
Monkey, Matty, Dr Jones & Shaunie. East Coast! When the Zombie plague hits- we will live like kings!
CY for maintaining the bachelor-flat and HK action!
When you find yourself living on a small island on the bottom of the world and your life slowly unraveling, I cannot recommend a friend truer and loyal then The Dunckie-poohs!
Not only is he like a brother, but his whining about being clomped as a "nice friend" inspired this overly-sappy tribute to my friends!
All my love to the 2 special Hobartian sister-acts. For separate reasons. When we 4 get together, we shake the party-pillars of Hobart!

Is that it?
Did I cover everyone who may read this?
If I missed you, then know this= On this page I lie and exaggerate!
Speak to me in real life, and I'll gladly tell you my thoughts and feelings.

It's nearing 3 am. I'm drinking scotch, listening to Louis Armsrong's blues and fast approaching turning 30.

Please forgive this ramble!

Tomorrow I've some artwork to post.

Current Song: "All Night Long"- Sam Butera & The Witnessess.

Friday, February 11, 2005

Top 3 Records in musical heaven




Midgets, Giants & Men.

Ok, it’s time for drunk stories!

Thought I’d better write about the “Midget Incident” before the facts get lost in time, and the real story gets muddled into urban myth.

It would’ve been somewhere between 3am and 4 am, after the giddy bright lights of the now infamous Slippery Pink opening and then a big night trawling the back alley bars in Melbourne. We ended up at a very seedy, smokey pub in China Town.

Wasn’t a bad drinking hole- if all you wanted was beer.

After a few jugs, and heated discussion on the pro and con’s of the hated Dr Phil and his big fat head, I visited the men’s room.

There were 3 cisterns. The far one being occupied by a tallish dude. As etiquette dictates, I went to the furthest cistern and proceeded with my duties.

I then heard the pitter-patter of 2 pairs of feet enter the toilets.

One of the new arrivals approached the tall dude, and said:

“Hey man, that chick out there is totally into you! She’s yours!”

“Yeah, she’s totally into British guys!” his companion added.

The tall guy mumbled something with a British accent, trying to be falsely humble.

‘Nah man, she’s totally into English meat!”

“Yeah, she’s totally yours! You’ll be fucking her tonight!”

For some unknown reason I decided to pipe in.

“They’re right. Even I heard she’s quite fond of you,” I piped.

It was only at this stage that I actually turned my head to have a look at the 2 guys who’d entered after me.

It took me a few seconds to register it, but they were MIDGETS!

Now I’m not a tall guy by any means. 5 foot 7 or something. I reckon these 2 guys came up to my chest. They weren’t dwarves, more like little seedy-pub gnomes. And they had that rock/goff long hair.

Anyway, after my pithy contribution to the conversation, the lead (or alpha) midget turned to me and said:

“Hey, this is a private discussion. It don’t concern you!”

“Yeah, stay out of it!” Midget #2 advised me.

Returning my attention to what I was doing, I coolly replied, “Hey, it was just what I heard on the street. Just what I heard.”

Then I’m not sure what happened. I think the Midgets pitter-pattered out of there, leaving the tall British dude and I to complete our separate urinal disposals.

We wished each other a good night at the washbasins, and I returned to my table.

It was about 10 mins later that it dawned on me that I nearly got into a fight with 2 Midgets in the john!

When I told my drinking companions what had transpired they looked at me like I was on Angel Dust. But when we looked around the room- there they were! 2 pub gnomes running around with beers in their hands. I also spotted the British dude at a table with some smacked-out looking skank.

Then we drank some more and the midgets were forgotten.

In fact I’d forgotten about all of it until we were having a quiet bevy the next afternoon. Like the suns’ rays cutting through cloud, the memory came flooding back.

And the weird thing? In the toilets of that pub I saw a GIANT!!

This time I chose to keep my mouth shut.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Blues for Little Scooter

"I listen to jazz almost all the time. I find that if I listen to classical music, I get too involved and I have to focus on that. But jazz fills your fibre. I mean, it doesn't occupy your mind, it occupies your blood vessels." -Jim Flora

In other news, photo's are up from the Slippery Pink exhibition opening. It was only the biggest night of nights! (I was there- see!)

Current song: "Walking The Blues": Count Basie & The Kansas City 6

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Dude Where's My Coat

Forget my plan. Forget what I quoted about Australian comics. Forget the beef & coconut casserole.
The beef & casserole sucked! (the meaty bits were nice, but coconut is boring to eat. Takes too much energy to chew).
And I'm now working on illustrating a comic written by an Australian, with a very surprising Australian publisher lined up.
Australian comics rock!!

Current song is for Big Daddy Christian Read "King of NY" : Dan The Automator

Monday, February 07, 2005

Son of The Mooch

Okay, so far The plan hasn't worked. I got stuck on the internet this afternoon downloading upgrades for Quicktime & Media player.
However, I've been talking on messenger to a friend of mine, and we've been discussing painting ideas, technique etc, so, really, it's like I've been doing prep-work.
This friend (who'll remain nameless for now) reminded me, that since this is a Blog, I should get angry. Specifically about Australian comics.
I've done a bunch of Aus comic work in my day. I occasionally still do them (either intended for Aus or international). I still very much love the medium. I enjoy good comics and I still keep up with what's being done by whom. I used to have strong opinions about it all, but these days I really have to struggle to give a shit about the politics.
I guess I still have thoughts and opinions (when you've got a steel-trap for a brain like mine, it's hard to stop....uh.....thinking..) but I don't really care to sprout my ideas over the internet. Take me to the pub and I'll dribble hateful, spiteful, self-righteous shite. (I may then get up on the table and dance then pick fights with midgets in the men's room).

So my friend-with-no-name let me quote him.
"Australian Comics all suck...even the good ones.."
"Issue #1 is uninspired. Greener Pastures: weak. Bug And Stump...who cares."

So in conclussion, Australian comics are rad!

Current song: "The Lot", Cruel Sea

Sunday, February 06, 2005

The Mooch

After 6 weeks on the road, I've finally returned to my Bachelor Pad upon the mountain! For some crazy reason I moved flats, like, 3 days before I left for Sydney. I think it was because at that particular point in time I needed EVEN more stress in my life.
I moved to the unit directly above me. Pretty much exactly the same, just in worse condition & more expensive. BUT- the view is vastly better! From my drawing desk, that’s in my huge bedroom, I look west over the city of Hobart, over the Derwent River, and towards the Peninsula (where Port Arthur etc lies). I intend this view to inspire me in my current "working from home, developing my personal projects" career phase.

Plus I have a balcony at the back where I can sit in a crappy armchair and sip gin & tonics.

Although I had an absolute blast in Melbourne (more about this later), and Sydney (mostly boring, but good to catch up on sleep, hang with the bros and suck up some summer weather), it's not bad being back. I would prefer to be still in Melbourne, but I'm not miserable here.

The air is clean, got some nice friends, and I just returned from a walk into town and ran into 4 people I know. Good people as well.

While I am working from home, I plan to be very self disciplined, in my work, health & eating/cooking. Last night I wrote a list!

It went something like this:
Mon- paint
Tues- paint
Wens- Sketch in the am, do web related stuff (blog etc) in the pm
Thurs- writing
Fri- write

Tonight I’m thinking about cooking a beef & coconut casserole from this horrible funky 70’s cookbook.
We’ll see how well my new routine goes. I may end up watching Soprano’s & Family Guy dvd’s instead.

Things to come here: Drunk stories of midgets, giants & star-fucking! Then I’ll be writing a desertion on the Auto-biography of Malcolm X and how his life, religion and search for truth relates to me, a skinny, middle class, white guy from the burbs of Sydney.

Current Music: Herbie Hancock- “Head Hunters”

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Peace be upon you.

Toast. What is it good for?
Most people would say eating. Many of those same people would go further and suggest Toast is best to eat for breakfast.
Put a gun to my head, and I'd agree.
But not my current host.

You see I have spent the last 5 and a half weeks on the road. (Well, not on the road. I've been mooching at other peoples homes).
The world needs me. There are alot of lonely people out there. So I've been sleeping on peoples couches, spare beds & blow-up matteressess, delivering my message of peace up and down the Eastern Coast.

But who will return the uneaten, unbuttered, cold toast left lying IN the toaster.??!! Not me, my brothers and sisiters. Not me!