Friday, December 29, 2006

Xmas DAY 2006

I guess on reflection my Christmas this year was very Australian- esp for my Northern hemisphere readers!
Here is our tree:
Note the Weber bbq and the Galah at the bird feeder in the background!

Here is another shot of the wrap around verandah with a bunch of Galah's having a go at the feeder. These Galah's are pretty bossy and push off the other birds.
There's a pair of Crimson Rosella's that come down and are pretty tame. I was able to feed them from my hand.

After we had breakfast and exchanged gifts within the Fraser family we headed off to my uncles beach house at Copacabanna. (A beach on the Central Coast- in between McMasters and Terrigal).
And by beach house I mean RIGHT ON THE BEACH:

It's a fantastic place and with an outlook I really appreciated this year.

All the Uncles, Aunties and Cousins get together each year for lunch and table tennis competition. It's quite a big table spread:

Lunch consists of cold meats, seafoods and lots of salads. Oh, and plenty of beers and wine!
Anyways.... that was pretty much my Christmas this year.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Xmas EVE 2006

So this year I did Xmas the traditonal FRASER way!

This involved heading to The Valley- the parents weekender- a little over an hours drive north from Sydney.
I really dig it up there!

The folks were already up there, but I drove up solo as the brothers were taking to long to get themselves ready. Once you get off the main road you have to drive along a dirt road that eventually comes into a very scenic valley, and as soon as you hit the bottom, on cue, you have to casually swerve past the wallabys that are hanging out on the road.

As I pulled up the drive way I noticed that there was a PIG in the paddock out front of the house. I asked my dad about it and he said he thinks it belongs to someone a few properties up the road. I decided to go down and check him out!

He was pretty friendly and liked a bit of a pat (and a feed!)

About an hr later my brothers arrived so we all went down to check out the pig again...

(Thats the Los Bros Fraser! L-R: Matt (eldest), Nick (youngest and tallest(6'4!), Todd (largest) and me (shortest and 2nd eldest).

We were chilling up on the verandah when I looked down and saw the PIG in our garden. Somehow he'd gotten out of the paddock and wandered up to see us! He hung out for a bit until Dad chased him off.

I guess we had a typical Australian Christmas Eve dinner:

Prawns and snags on the barbie!!!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Hey- I think Flea from the Red Hot Chilli Peppers plays bass in Younc MC's (awesome) song "Bust a Move!"

It's midnight on saturday. I'm just about finished off a bottle of wine and the film clip just came on cable!

I think I HAVE TO obtain that song!

If I had it it'd be just another weapon in my aresonal to beat DI in dj battles!!


It's almost been a YEAR since our last battle, DI!


Friday, December 22, 2006

Ho Ho Ho- HOE!

I know it looks shitty- but click on it and it'll open up all nice and pretty. And then you can see my shitty animation!!!

So it's been very quiet around here of late. I guess alot has been going on, but I honestly haven't had the inclination to post anything. No internet at home dosen't help either.

The world seems like it's still spinning at an alarmingly rate- and I feel dizzy and unsettled by it all.

The Diggsville Offices have successfully relocated to Melbourne where we nabbed ourselves a fantastic RAD-PAD/LOVE-SHACK/BUNGALO!
The London/Spanish Project epic has wrapped up. We've visited EVERY god-damned home wares/furniture/white goods store EVER created. I reckon I dropped a few grand in the last few weeks so my tollerance levels for shopping is now at an all time low!
Just got back from my 3rd Xmas shopping expedition and it was pretty lack lustre.

I find I'm missing being in Europe and even living in London. Melbourne seems like a big country town and my survival instincts have been put to the test over the last 2 years that everything this side of the world seems tame and small-towness.
Live is safe and easy here.
Although there are an enormous amounts of junkies and fucked up people in Melbourne. Which I'm curious about as life here is just so much easier. I guess it's all about comparasion.

Looking forward to kicking it Melbourne-style proper-like come January. We'll see how my itchy feet and wandering spirit goes at settling.

London is covered in a thick fog over the last few days. It's so bad that airports have closed. I'd like to have seen this! Must make for a very atmospheric time of year!

Instead I've been in the desert/drought/bushfire stricken Melbourne! Seriously- it's so dry and dusty that our local park feels like the outback.

I'm up in Sydney where it's still very green and lush. Esp in my folks neck of the words in the North. ALthough the weather is pretty wussy. Low 20's. Overcast and rainy. I was hoping for some pool-side action and beach excurisons- but NO!
Today ain't so bad. Hight 20's.

Think I'll go for a swim!

Enjoy your holidays whereever you maybe!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Tunes: Part 102.


I can't win I tells yah!