Thursday, March 29, 2007


For all your fashion needs!

(I ....erm, modeled for them. See if you can spot me!)

Despite this, they have some really, very cool designs!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


At first glance the trams seem like a pretty cool mode of public transport- but they soon loose their appeal. They're slow, expensive and don't go across town.

The city if Melbourne is very bike friendly. It's very flat, has wide roads, every 2nd street has a bike lane and there's ample bike racks to chain your bike up.

A few of our friends use bikes as their main mode of transport.

HOWEVER- when we first moved here I was quite hesitant to get a bike.

Why? Well, do you remember awhile ago when I stated that I had no phobia's?
It turns out that's not entirely true.
Seems like I WAS afraid of something after all.


The more I thought about this, the more I became anti-bikes! I was familiar with the related HAT HAIR "condition" (we don't call it a disease).
I spoke to a few people about this. Sam suggested I just get a helmet friendly haircut. That way I could still look cool AFTER I took the helmet off. Garth rode sans-helmet, letting his long locks blow in the wind flaunting the law and his safety. Others were happy to put up with helmet hair.

One night though- I had to ride a friends bike. And it was very fun! So I cracked!

Not long after I bought a chop-shop bike from some little guy in our neighbourhood. It's a wicked looking thing. And it only cost me $40!!!

I still wasn't committed to the idea of riding it WITHOUT a helmet, but nor was I over my fear. I hesitantly rode it around the quiet local streets- until I ran over some glass and popped the tire! While it was out of commission I discovered how much freedom it offers for getting places. So when I had the tire fixed- I bought myself a helmet.

I'm certainly not convinced that bike helmets look good on anyone- but I don't really care much.

Although I have since gotten a helmet-friendly haircut- so everythings good in the hood, yeah?
Got my bi-cycle action on!

Except, I ran over a metal splinter that pierced my tire and inner tube. Again!

The futility!!

$20 later and I'm mobile again!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Laws of the Universe

This is the way it is:

Jan and Feb I was in down time. Waiting for work to start. Drawing like shit. Sitting on the couch.

Come March when the big project starts, I'm starting to draw well. Suddenly my eye is in. ALSO I am inundated with work- both paying and extra-caricular.

Where was this extra work and kick-arse drawing skills earlier on in the year? When I had the spare time??

Because the Universe just dosen't play that way, Holmes!

ALSO: "Heroes" is starting to bore me. YAWNSVILLE!!!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Getting around!

I've spent the last week and a bit in Hobart!

My old stomping ground!

Went down for work- which was really neat! Back working with Blue Rocket Productions. As in the past really nice people to work FOR, and inspiring fun people to work WITH! As someone put it, "it's like having the family back together!"

It's a huge new project we're working on. Quite daunting really... I'll be continuing working on this from here in Melbourne.

What was also nice (if a bit overwhelming at times) was catching up with everyone socially. You can rack up quite a social history in 5 years in a small town. You can't walk out the door without tripping into someone you know...

The first day there I started to consider what it'd be like to move back there. The good work, the scenic city, the clean air and good food, the AMAZING local bands.... but after day 2 or 3 the charm wore off and I was reminded why I left there when I did.

So I'm back in Melbourne, trying to knuckle down and work.

Right now we have two house guests asleep on our sofa bed. Diane and Andy from Brisbane. You may now Di from such adventures as:
Also the NYE 05 DJ BATTLE!!

Unfortunatly round 3 of our battles will have to be postponed.

We're going to leave them to run havock in our pad on saturday as Ains and I will be heading to PHILLIP ISLAND!
My folks will be there. Bashem is racing his car down there!

ALSO, all Sydney-siders note: The Traveling Frase & London Girl Show will be in my hometown for easter!!

Catch-ups a MUST!!!