Thursday, August 20, 2009

I've just finished off a job, code name: Ass-mo.

To celebrate I got onto another job for a mate that I've been neglecting for way too long.
I've also cracked open a beer.

Take THAT Facebook status update!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The good kind of touching.

Actually I DO have a Diggsville-worthy anecdote from last week.
I've been experiencing some dizzy spells and mild headaches of late and last Wednesday I woke up with a particular knotted shoulders and stiff neck that was causing my head to hurt, so I went and got a massage.
During my treatment I was unsure whether or not the masseuse spent an unusual amount of time on massaging my arse or not. And then she left my buttocks exposed for about 20 minutes while she worked on my arms and shoulders.

Plans are in the works to determine if that was her usual technique or if she was just copping a touch and a feel.

The Death of Meaning.

I was just lamenting to Ainslie that I don't blog much anymore, after I spent some time goofing off this afternoon by re-reading past entries and revisiting old times!
I blame Facebook.
In the past if I had a train of thought on a subject or had an adventure, I'd think about how to retell it here. Where as now I'm thinking of how I can reduce my anecdote to a 2 sentence status update on Facebook.
This is where the future is taking us.
Also to blame is perhaps the fact I'm not getting into as many adventures nor having as many thoughts worth re-telling.

This post was actually going to be a rant about seeing a "news story" on msn titled "Paris Hilton Grocery Shops" with a bi-line "Paris Hilton goes grocery shopping in pink heels and leggings with a matching pink bag."

I really need to stop using Hotmail.

Friday, August 07, 2009

RIP John Hughes.

You made some great 80's films.