Monday, September 25, 2006

The Krauts, The Micks and The Skips!

So once again Germany remains RAD!!

It was my 2nd time there and really enjoyed:

The Culture- Bavaria has a different culture then rest of Germany- Old skool and long in traditions. For example it is COMPLELY normal for anyone to walk down the street wearing lederhosen. Really. Pretty conservative as well- but if you show a little respect for them, they’ll reciprocate.

The Language-for some reason I can get my head around simple German phrases as opposed to French and Italian.

The Food- lots of meat. Breakfast = Weiswurst (white sausage) Weisbeer (wheat beer) and giant pretzels. Lunch = Grilled sausages with beer. Dinner = Sausages with beer.

The History- Long, interesting history and exceptionally important 20th C history.

The current Society- The Greens party has been in power for a long time. They are great re-cyclers. You have to pay for plastic bags at the supermarket. Even in the busiest city areas you don’t have to lock up your bike!

My Friends- got one or two awesome friends over there and plenty of friendly acquaintances!

I’ve uploaded some of our photo’s HERE if your interested. You’ll find photos from Berlin and Munich 2005 and Munich this year.

Off to Ireland tomorrow. London Girl and I hook up with my jet-setting/inheritance-spending parents. Fly into Cork. Fly out of Dublin on Sunday. Have no idea what we’ll do in-between. But we’ve hired a car, so road-tripping and Guinness-drinking might be the order of the day. Try and catch some good Irish hoe-downs!

Then it’s back to my last 4 weeks in London!

Yes, that’s RIGHT. I’ll be back in Australia on the 1st of November!

As I’ve mentioned here sometime ago, I’ll be in Melbourne for a week- then down to Hobart for a week- maybe two. After that I’m not really sure as I want to get up to Sydney see the rest of the family and the Sydney crew…. But duties may force me back to Melbourne.

What duties?

Well finding a house to live in and a job!


Some of you didn’t know that The Frase and London Girl European Adventure will be re-locating to Melbourne on a permanent basis!!

After much deliberation we decided we want a bit of the good healthy life. So hopefully Melbourne will rock it for us.

If not we’ll be back on a plane to Europe.

I’m actually walking away from a pretty descant job- which seems very crazy, but I’m hoping I can get something as good and enjoyable in Melbourne. I have a few options on the boil but none are set in stone as yet and might end up going nowhere.

So if anyone hears of anything coming up that might suit me, I’d be VERY happy and thankful if you could let me know.

Email on: scott at sdfraser dot com


Thursday, September 21, 2006

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


I'm off to Munich tomorrow morning. To the very HEART of Bavaria. Behind The White Sausage Border.

My German is pretty rusty (Herr Helgate- we should've engaged in a hun-disscussion to brush up my skills).
I let my beard grow long and MIGHTY but I HAD to give it a trim last night- it was getting way to itchy and food kept on getting stuck in it.
So I fear I'll be exposed as a Hannsy Auslander!

We get back on Monday, but my folks will be arriving in London that night so I won't be back online till next tuesday morning.

I haven't seen my mum for over a year and a half!

Anways, there's been plenty of stuff here this week to tie you over till next.

Talk amongst yourselves!

Auf weidershen!

General Mike P vs Wolfmother

And while we're talking about music, Mike Patton gives a little word about the state of music today:

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

New CD's

At lunch time today I went and treated myself to some new cd's.
The following comments are based on ONE listen each, so they may not be FACT.

I've been after this cd for YEARS and I've seen it everywhere in London. I can't remember why I haven't bought it sooner but I am glad that I did.
It's full of great old skool beats and funky samples and is ACE!
Johnny Cash's last recording (except for the OTHER last recording that'll be released next year.....). It's not my faourite American Recordings, but it's Johnny Cash, so thats still GOLD! Quite mellow and soft which I don't like, but it's a testimant to Cashs' vocal storytelling. He achieves more power and narrative on his deathbed with a failing voice then others can only ever dream about.

Wonder Stuff's latest. I probally shouldn't have bought this with out giving it a listen as it's not terribly good. It's not woeful. But it ain't gold, and I don't have time for anything that's not GOLD! So now I'm wishing I didn't blow 13 quid on it. I think I was pressured into it by Maggie and Dogpossum calling me a pussy ages ago....


Wednesday, September 06, 2006


I take it back....

Mead is quite nice when heated!

Also: A small update on my website:

Monday, September 04, 2006

Death of a Crocodile Hunter

Y'know what?
I am genuinely upset about the death of Steve Irwin.
When I first saw his show a few years ago my immediate reaction was "What a dickhead".
But then I watched another episode and I GOT IT.

I've always been an animal lover- inparticular Australian reptiles and I salute the job that Steve did in boosting the publics perception of how beautiful, interesting and important these animals are. He showed that what people regard as "maneating monsters" are really misunderstood, fearful animals that need to be treated with respect and protected.

The work he did for conservation causes was phenomenal.

The work he did internationally for Australia was also huge.

He copped a lot of flack for his perpetuation of the Ocker Australian- but you know what? ALOT OF PEOPLE IN AUSTRALIA TALK LIKE THAT.... Rarely with such passion, warmth and excitement though.......

His death was very surprising and shocking, but I'm glad that he died at the hands of a wild animal rather then, say, hit by a bus.

That little stingray with the unlucky strike of it's tail should remind us that humans do share this world with other creatures. Even if you've wrestled crocodiles, wrangled boa-constrictors or danced with king cobras- if you are in their environment then treat them with respect.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Black Pudding

Something I just remembered- the other weekend when we were on the Isle of Wight- I tried Black Pudding for the first time.

Black pudding is BLOOD and OFFAL made into a sausage.

It was pretty nice tasting- even if it looked like manure.