Thursday, April 26, 2007


I rarely get sick. I haven't been to a gp in over 7 years. But about once a year I'll get hit with a cold.
This one came without warning and mercy. Both Ainslie and I woke up monday morning feeling like death. I wanted to die on tuesday. Just lifting my head hurt.

Felt better yesterday. I was dopped up on drugs, so I could walk around. Today I still feel bad.

Which, of course, SUCKS!!
Yesterday was a fantastically nice day. We had a public holiday, people over and a new BBQ to baptise!! I couldn't even drink BEER!!!??

Soo much to do, and I just don't feel up to it. There's also tradesman in my house banging away.

I just typed "Sux to be me"- but I deleted it.

It could be worse.

I heard the other day that someone I knew from London has cancer. Really bad.
I can't say I knew her really well- but from what I did- she was a very active, positive and bubbly person. She's only 26 and there's no family history of it.


..... BUCKLE UP, Frase!

Stop your whining!

(I'm going to have another hot water and lemon slice).

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Geek On- Music!

On a bit of a blues kick at the moment. Reading some good books (more about that later), and digging some good artworks- Like Joe Ciardiello! (Thats his fantastic Robert Johnson above!)

On a local front I'm enjoying CW Stoneking! Saw him play live a little while back here in Melbourne, and to be honest, I really didn't like it! You may have seen him play on certain mainstream media of late. Well, I thought he was faking it! I thought he was some white dude from Melbourne putting on the airs and graces of an illiterate, poor, down-south delta black bluesman. My delicate sensibilities were quite challenged- especially when he did his song "Dark Town Strutters Ball". I wondered if he'd ever even set foot in America - let alone daring to play and talk that way on stage.
(I must say my experience was clouded by seeing a similar confounding scene at another venue on the SAME street a few days previous. It was a live funk band, doing (pretty good) James Brown type material. All the band members were white ( and in an inner-suburb way). All the crowd were white (in an even more suburb/skip way). The singer was going on about getting our "jungle rhythm " on. As we were leaving- and I kid you not- the bouncers were stopping a group of black guys from coming in. I'm not sure WHY they were stopped. They were dressed well and weren't in any way threatening to look at and the venue was far from full. But there you go!)
Anyways, despite what I thought was his shtick- by the end of the night I couldn't help but enjoy the music - it was REALLY good shuffle/swing/blues!
I was a bit confounded by all this- but after a bit of asking around and watching him interviewed turns out CW grew up in the Northern Territory out near an Aboriginal settlement. He didn't have any friends so he threw himself into listening to old blues records. He recently moved down to Melbourne to start his career in music after drifting around the country towns and outback trying to get work as a handyman.
Really quite an interesting artist! Definitely check out his music! And all you Europeans- he's currently touring there. Really recommend you go along and see this modern Australian bluesman! (also great to dance too!)

I came across this website this morning.
Haven't had a good look yet- but seems very interesting for that old-timey jazz, blues and gospel!

Also check out Tasmanian Pete Cornelius who's touring around the country. He released an all acoustic blues/roots album in 2005 which I've yet to get- but should be ACE!

I've also been getting in touch with my HONKY side of late and really digging the bluegrass/folk/country sounds of Nashville band, Old Crow Medicine Show!
Locally (again) I'm enjoying Melbourne band, WAGONS! They've got a few albums out- but not every track translates the awesomeness of their live performances!! Think Johnny Cash, Nick Cave, Jack Black with a drunken Melbourne ramble!

Been leaning increasingly away from JAZZ and SWING of late (with the exceptions of some kick-arse numbers which I can't get enough of- Louis Armstrong- "St Louis Blues" & Billie Holiday- "Spreadin' Rhythm Around")

Also of note is that Royal Crown Revue have a new album out. This band continue to defy the odds and trends and go from strength to strength by playing the music THEY want to! Haven't got the album yet- but it's on my list!
RCR trumpeter, Scott Steen has some tasty looking albums available as well! Was fortunate to interview Scott a few years back when I was doing my radio show. He's a really humble, nice and super-talented jazz trumpeter!

Totally removed from the above types of music- I'm digging The Jungle Brothers hip-hop album, V.I.P!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Easter: Sydney

Had a brilliant Easter up in Sydney. Really jam-packed! We didn't have a moment to rest- but yet we still missed out on doing somethings that were on the list.

I was going to write up a blow-by-blow report, but I can't be bothered. Also it'd take to long as we filled practically EVERY waking moment doing something. Although it would also inculde a daily 40min drive to places, then 40min back. Sometimes we were driving for 2hrs. Holiday traffic!!!
But anyways, we did things like:
Giving Ains a bit of a tour of my old hood.
"Thats where I learnt to ride a bike"
"Thats where I stacked my skateboard and grazed up my face"
"Thats where we used to get drunk"
"Thats the street lamp we used to throw rocks at"

(Like most suburbs, there isn't much to do as a teenager so you have to create your own fun.)

Went to an excellant Art Gallery Opening for one of my favourite Australian comic artists, Matt Huynh (aka Stickman)
Caught up with some old friends over dinner, lunch and apertiffs!
Went out to the hotspots in Manly with my older brother!

Spent time with the famillius at the Fraser Ancestrial Homestead and at the weekender in the bush (bushwalking and chopping wood) .

and out on the water in Pittwater. (UK readers, Pittwater is the body of water where they set HOME & AWAY. )
We spent the night at The Basin, accessible only by boat- it's one of Sydney's best secrets!