Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The Highlands

The Littlest hobo is now in Glasgow!

Could the scottish accent be THE hottest and best accent in THE WORLD??
Nothing puts a smile on my face like speaking to the little old ladies who serve you in the pastie shops!

I was also served by some hot guy in a bar the other night. I couldn't understand half of what he was saying, but it was hot! (If I was into guys that is!!)

So what brings me to Glasgow?
A job meeting. And it went pretty well. Basically I got it if I want it.
Working for a small but up and coming multi-media studio doing Flash interactive/animation stuff.

Nothing too mind blowing, but it'll be challenging, sorta fun bread and butter work. It'll be for 2.5 months and will lead into more.

Plus I'll be paid well, and in ENGLISH POUNDS!! ££££££!! And I'll have the oppotunity to live in Glasgow, one of Europes culture mecca's!! ( and rent is sooooo cheaper here then in London)
For once in my life I can look at "spacious, roomy, upmarket units. Suit professional".


But we'll see.
Also talking to an animation studio in Soho, London about a shorter gig. Unfortunatly there'll be a class between the two.

Later in the week I'll try and pop over to Edinburgh, then head down to London stoping in Birghminham to stay with Comics legend, James Hodgkins.

You know James? Inker star!
He inked all over John Mc Crea stuff thru Hitman and Batman and other things.
I met James a few years ago at san Diego where we stayed up till the wee hours at the Marvel drinks... uh, drinking and talking Sinatra!
(james has also just selfpublished Lass Vegas, a very cool, 60's atomic romp!)

A big Huzzah goes out to Mark Selan who turned 30 AND got engaged in Europe somewhere! I caught up with Mark for the first time last saturday in London, where we downed a few pints at a great, seedy English pub!

And shout out to long time Diggsville reader and commentor, Robin! On old and really good friend from 'da hood! We caught up for a drink in London the other day aswell!

Anyone else passing thru? Drop me a line!

Coming Soon: 10 songs that're rocking my headspace!

Thursday, August 18, 2005


Here I am in a busy internet cafe in Soho, London. Just half a block from Tottenham Court Road tube station. 1 pound gets me internet ALL DAY!!
So with nothing else planned for today, I plan to hole up here and connect on the interweb!

I've been in London for 2 weeks and one day and there is a bit of pressure for me to set up camp here.

So I've been doing alot of thinking lately (actually it's been a common thread of thought for me in the last few years) about the nature of cities and which ones to live in.
I've lived in a few and been to many.
Some i quite dig and enjoyed whatever time I stayed there. Others I didn't particularly like. Others cities I look at in a romantic light and think I could live there, while very few I could seriously think i could live there.

But London....... the jury is still out.

I didn't come over here with the intention to stay in London. It's big, expensive and filled with Aussies and Poms.
I had my heart set on some of the smaller cities. Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester, Bristol, Bath, York etc.

I've slipped into a familiarity here in London. 2 weeks in the one spot is quite a commitment for a rambling man. I've got a good network of friends and I've had some fun here.

I've been telling myself that i don't want to settle here. And I got a really tasty job bite up in Glasgow the other morning. But then i did something pretty bad.

I had an excellent day in olde London Town!

It was a lovely sunny day so I met the London-Girl for lunch in the park opposite St Pauls Catherderal. When she went back to work I met another friend in Soho to track down a jazz music shop. Not only did we find it, we also came across some other really funky shops nestled in some back alleys. A Jimmy Smith cd was bought for 5 quid!

Then the London Girl and I bought ourselves a bottle of Champaign and picnic food and we went to Hyde Park for dinner. We found a nice romantic spot overlooking the sun setting on the pond.
As we headed out of the park we were approached by a drunk fortune telling irishman and his dog, Sparky. He read our tarrot cards and while i didn't understand everything he said, the gist of it looked very favourible.

After that we walked to a swanky jazz bar for dancing to a great band.

Days don't get much nicer then that!

But I think the plan will be to just play my hands and wait and see where the chips fall!

Monday, August 15, 2005

Oscar for Best Guest Appearance..

And the Nominies are:

Doug and Scott in Las Vegas Nights

And Scott in The Londoner Accidential Tourist

And the Oscar goes to.....

Thursday, August 11, 2005


DIG: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Can Johnny Depp do no wrong?

DIG: The Brittish Museum

Mummies. Mummified people, cats, goldfish, storks and little crocodiles. Nothing I can't beat in a fight!

DIG: Man with goyters!

First spotting about half a dozen small ones around the neck. Then I saw the one at the back of his head. About half the size of his skull!



Friday, August 05, 2005

Diggsville World Tour part II

When last we left our little hero, he was living it up with his crew in sunny San Diego!

The nerdfest was often too much for him, so they would while the afternoons away at The Dublin Square, a magnificant Irish watering hole that had good beer, pretty barmaids and an awesome band that played on the saturday night. The band started off as a traditional irish pub band, covering all the great standards, BUT they also did some fantastic covers of Rage Against The Machine, NIN and the Mortal Combat theme song!!

Much jigging was done by The Douglas and The Frase to the delight of the other patrons!

If we were not at The Dublin, then we could be found at the Tiki Bar, where they also had pretty barmaids! From our first night in SD we made friends with Mandoline, the cocktail bartender with killer skills to match her looks!
There we refreshed ourselves on mojito's and key-lime martinis!

SD Score Sheet:

# Find the TOP GUN BAR.= TICK!
(not only did we find it, but we ate the BEST ribs there!)

# Find George Martin at The Hilton= FAIL!
(Sir George was not to be found, despite the information given)

# Win the Rick-shaw gladiatorial race = TICK!
(The Douglas and The Frase proved their superiority when we beat the other competitors in a drunken ride home)

# Find the BEST pizza-by-the-slice place = TICK!

What trip to San Diego would be complete without the traditonal visit to Tijuana?

However, it is also tradition that what happens in Mexico, stays in Mexico so we'll skip straight to the Score Sheet:

TJ Score Sheet:
# Buy Mexican snake leather cowboy boots= TICK!

# Buy mexican wrestling masks = TICK!
(The masks were a big hit on the trolley back to San Diego!)

# Drink lots of great and cheap Mexican beer and dine on cheap and great mexican food= TICK!

# Have another Mexican man-whore story= TICK!

# Make it across the border without spending anytime in a Mexican Prison= TICK!

From SD The Douglas and The Frase drove in a rented convertable Ford Mustang
8 hrs through the desert to Las Vegas.

(see previous entry for more photo's)

Nothing but open road, semi-trailers and tumbleweeds!
We were also fortunate to drive through a rare desert electrical storm! Nothing quite like seeing lightening streak across the endless desert sky!

Landspeed record may/may not have been broken!

2 nights in Vegas in scorching hot temperatures of 40 degress +. Even at night!
The air was so dry that the very moisture was sucked out of your eyeballs!
We sought comfert in the air conditioned hotel room, hotdog diner with sprinklers, casino bars and the amazing cocktail bar we were introduced to at 4am on our last night. It was a shame as we had to get up at 7am the next morning!!

During the day we took the Mustang out to a nearby national park. Red Rock Canyon. The magnificant mountains and endless horizons were the locations for many western films.

Vegas Score Sheet:

# Not to gamble = TICK!
(The house always wins!)

# See a lounge act= TICK!

# Be cowboys = TICK!

# Get Married= FAIL!
(with great shame we left Vegas without completing the objective that was the inspiration for the whole world tour!)

From Vegas we flew to New York via Chicago.

It seems that the people of Chicago had heard what good fun we were and so they conspired to keep us there over night. We soon sorted that out and were on a plane only a few hours later then originally planned.

In New York, we stayed at the home of Christian and Lea in Astoria, Queens.

Just our luck to arrive when NY was experiancing a heat wave. 40 degree highs and humid!
The authorities were advising people to stay indoors!

The mood of the city was a powder keg waiting to happen. Like from Spike Lee's "Do The Right Thing"!

Doug only stayed for a few days but I was there for 10.

NY was a hard nut to crack. Either I just didn't get it, or I got it, and didn't dig it.

From an observer it is a really cool city, but as a participant it was
really harsh!
It may have been the heat. I won't dismiss the city yet and would like to return in a differant season.

There was only one objective for NY

NY Score Sheet:

# Get tattoo: TICK!
(got it done at a place in Greenwhich Village by a Puerto Rican voodoo priest)

Other highlights include:

# discovering the greatest combination of food!
Pizza + Mexican food = Mexican Pizza!

# Natural History Museum.
Christian and I worked out once and for all just which dinosaurs we could take in a fight, and which ones we'd have no hope for.
We also window shopped for simion companions and decided that Spider Monkeys were the only choice for home entertaining duties, while orangutangs would be the ideal to take out in public drinking establishments.

# Partaking in a NY criminal deal in Washington Square

# Central Park on a sunday afternoon.
( Squirrels, breakdancers, disco-rollerbladers, volleyballers, baseballers, jazz-combo buskers, hotdog venders)

# Doing Christians' Ghostbuster tour of New York!

# Statue of Liberty over The Hudsen River

# Drinking at a dive bar called Doc Holidays' in Alphabet City

# Drinking beer on Christians rooftop with the sun setting on the Manhatten skyline.

On the 2nd of August, the Littliest Hobbo left America and landed in London for the next thrilling chapter of the World Tour!

(all photo's by D.Holgate)