Thursday, April 28, 2005


If I was given free reign over popular culture and asked to put together the BEST and HOTTEST superhero team of all time- THIS IS IT!!!!

(from the "SIN-tilating Scandelous Scott" file!)
3. Face
4. Hannibal
5. Super man
6. Batman
7. Robin
8. Wonderwoman
9. Robot Train
10. Birdie
11. Hulk
12. Spaggetti Man

HOTNESS 2 the LIMIT!!!????

Traveling door2door

I've started a new contract with a film/media company.

The most exciting thing about it is that I discoverd that if I walk briskly, The Pixies "Debaser" gets me EXACTLY from my door to their door!
If I walk at a normal pace, "C-Jam Blues" by Wynston Marsalis & The Lincoln Centre Jazz Orchestra gets me there EXACTLY!!

The magic of pop music!

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

At it AGAIN!

Okay, thats enough about HOLGATE and his DEVIL JUMPER!!

Got more material from my files that I'll release at some point in the not too distant future. (you hear that HOLGATE??? Anything happens to me, and the WORLD will see EVERYTHING!!!)

In this line of business, you have to have some insurance!

And to show you that I'm not such a bad guy, I've got some embarrassing things about ME to share. From my files.

But here is a little taster:

Was scanning some things the other day, and before I knew it- BAM! My face was on the scanner. Again.

This time I was wearing eye-protection! My next door neighbour works for an omptomotrist, and he found these original 1970's ELVIS sunglasses. Steel frames. Polarised lenses. He gave them too me.

I was after a new avatar. (if you don't know what this means- be thankful. It's a geeky-nerdy thing).
I have been using this one:

But felt the need for a change.

So I did this:

Wasn't really the desired look. I wanted something goofy. Instead I got Tough.

Is tough HOT??

Sunday, April 24, 2005

The Holgate Files: UN-classified!

There is this guy I know.
Just some guy.
Draws or some kind of lame-arse moocher job.
Goes by the name of HOLGATE.

Lately he has gotten some great runs on the board. Become quite the media darling.
Got an interview up HERE. It's not too bad. Some kind of titanic struggle of the planets conducted by some other writer-dude I know called READ.

This "Holgate" has work in this American book that's meant to be "something truly original and pretty groundbreaking." It's called FLIGHT.
I think he may have some other things that may or may not be "Hot" coming out.

Like I said before, he's become quite the media darling. Even got an interview coming out soon in the Melbourne Age.

So when I heard all this hub-bub about this beard-o, the name rang a bell. I then realized I had a whole file devoted to him in one of my secret stashes of SIN-tilating dirt mongering.
I jumped a plane and headed up to Sydney to dig thru my files.

Knowing that the so-called "mainstream" media would only gloss over the hideous truth behind this man, I felt compelled to give you dear readers the god-AWFUL truth!

In the interests of TRUE journalism, tall poppy-syndrome and riding the coat-tails, I give you: THE HOLGATE FILE: UNCLASSIFIED.

Or: "I knew him when...."

Young, pure of heart?


It was all a SHAM! Really he was a boiling pot of RAGE ready to spew forth!

Those that new him back then have disappeared under what can only be called SIN-ister circumstances. So there are no other first hand witnesses to the bottomless FILTH of this man. Except me.

Oh yeah, I also dug this juicy bit of documentation up! This comes from our 1st year Student accommodation Year Book.

Debaucherous, no?

And finally, I must leave you with this.
(Those with a weak heart should be advised to look no further).

Oh yeah.... Holgate also LOVES Vern!

He wants to share a cell with him!

Friday, April 22, 2005

All my Christmas's at once!

Just recieved my copies of DeeVee: Flange in the mail ASWELL as a whole stack of cd's.


Stay tuned in the next day or 2 for THE most SIN-tilating journolistic expose EVER!
(I know, I know. My last one was hard to top!)

This is the REAL inside dirt!!!


Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Sydney Stories

In a few hours I'll be hopping on a plane for a 2 hour flight back to Hobart. Been up here for the last 10 days.

So see you later Sydney. Thanks for fucking nothing!

Nah- just kidding. Actually had a really nice time. Experienced a whole myriad of things- from the joyous to the heart breaking. Got back to my roots, got perspective, got a kick in the pants and got inspiration.

The original reason I flew back to my home town was for a friends wedding. A really special girl who would not have let me get away with out being there. That was saturday just past.
I was tossing up on which week to fly up, but my descion was sealed by an engagement party of 2 of my good friends early in the week. 2 sundays ago. So on 4 hours sleep, i flew up and went straight to this engagement party from the airport. Despite my extreme tiredness i was able to function socially and caught up with the old crew. Lovely friends (who i do consider family-like). Some of these guys I haven't seen in YEARS! I also made new friends!

My being in Sydney at this particular time enabled me to represent the studio at a launch. The bosses were in Europe at "the markets" so I filled the role of meet and great. Thank the sponsors and politicians and check out the competition.
Ok, so the launch was for the ABC (Australian Broadcasters Corporation) and the AFC (Australian Film commission) BROADBAND PRODUCTION INITIATIVE. Basically these two groups getting together (with some other funding groups- Telstra, TECC, SAFC, AFF etc) to throw money at multimedia/filmmaking types.

Our project was accepted in the first round of funding that included 3 other projects, with 3 more to be completed in the 2nd round.

The launch was ok. It was a mid morning thing- so NO FREE BOOZE! And no real celebrities. The producer of Japanese Story was there. Thats about all for the 'famous' people. Dunno. I think it went alright. I met a few people. Introduced and thanked the appropiate people. Made some contacts. Didn't embarrass the studio. Much. (I fell asleep on a couch in the corner).

Our product:
Dog And Cat News

The others:
The Life, Times and Travels of the Extaordinary Vice-Admiral William Bligh
(Actually this may be of interest to you comikers. This is "an interactive graphic novel charting the astonishing life of William Bligh". I haven't really looked at it proper, but i think the art is pretty shit. Maybe. I'll have to have a proper look.)

(This looks pretty interesting. Interactive short film type of thing about and with Aboriginal youths in Central Australia)

Dust On My Shoes
(Some travel/journey thing. Actually produced by a studio I'm about to do some work for. Probally should have a proper look at some stage)

And the other ones still in development:
(as of writing this, these links weren't active.)
Chiko Space Cadet
( this maybe the only real competitor for our site. Artwork by Nathan Jurecicius aka Nathan J. He's shit hot and the art world darling. I want to be the art world darling.)

A Stowaway's Guide to the Pacific
("A history of the greatest ocean on earth through the eyes of two curious children" Lame?)

The Pure Drop
(Interactive online doco of world music).

I filled in the week by catching up with various friends. Old ones from when I was in Sydney, and mates whom escaped Tasmania. Hit a few swing dances. Saw a shit band. Saw a few movies. Hung with Los Fras Bros. Spent money on cd's. Bought PANTS! Dealt with various relationship and work crisis in Sydney, Melbourne and Hobart.

It's funny. EVERYTIME i get back to Sydney this happens. See my parents live in the burbs. My friends live in innercity. The first few nights i take public transport into the city because I know I'll be having a few drinks. But after the first few nights of taking trains (anywhere from 40mins to 1.5 hrs)and walking the 20 mins from the train station to my parents house, i give up on that idea. I end up spenign the rest of my time driving in and drinking lite beer!
This time round the first night took me about 2 hrs due to track work. Train, then bus then back on the train, then the walk. Wasn't too bad as I traveled with a classical violinist who is living and working in a small coastal town in Spain.
The secound night took me about an hour and a half because this time I got a los fras bros to pick me up from the station.
My traveling companion this time was some crazy old italian guy who was telling me how some person was mugged and killed for 20 cents recently and that back in Italy they'd only do that sort of thing for a million dollars- or perhaps a grand. I think HE may have been in the East Coast Mafia.

Waking up in the mornings is always interesting at my parents. I'm either woken by the numerous native birds around (there're flocks of sulphar crested cockatoos, magpies, lorikeets, gallahs etc) or airplanes. Or lawnmowers. Or my dogs barking. Our my parents yelling. Or my mum yelling at my brothers to get out of bed.
This morning I was woken by BOTH parents yelling at the dogs at 7am. I'd gotten to bed at 2am. I couldn't get back to sleep. It can all get too much for someone who lives by himself!

Speaking of sleeping. My one and only whinge about my parents. My mum and dad are doing pretty well for themselves. Dad is looking at buying himself a Porche to race. They've just got a new computer system for home. A new big-arse tv. Shiny new bbq. Repainted the house. All in the last few months. Throwing money around.
But not my way.
Don't get me wrong- I'm not and never ask for hand outs.
All i'm asking is for them to buy a sofa-bed for the spare room! They continually ask me if it's good to be "back home". Well sure, except I don't really consider this to be my home. Because at MY home I don't have to sleep on a fucking dog hair-riddled single blow up lilo on the floor!!!
They've been promising to get one for ages- but "they're expensive" or "you need to order it in". Unlike, say, a 1972 Porche 911 specifically built for racing.

But I whinge about this here not because I'm particular dark about it. It's just kind of funny. And all things considered there are people out there with FAR worse things to whine about.

but my fucking back kills from this thing!!

ANYWAY! I've gotto pack and catch a flight.

I'll consider finishing off my Sydney Tale at a later date. There is much more to tell. The wedding whereupon I got stuck in a lift for 20 mins at the afterparty. I was incapacitated, lost and confussed due to thie horribly devasting 5 yr old "export" Thai whiskey.

But the next day, hungover, i drove to the Blue Mountians. To visit a family. More about these guys later. Perhaps. Quite sobering yet fun.
I also went to a funeral yesterday.
On secound thought I wrote write about this stuff. Instead I'll be pulling out photo's and drawings I dug up here.
HIGHLY EMBARRASSING and educational!

Will be particular amusing for fans of that wunderkid- Doug Holgate!!!!

Current music: Swingin' at the Daisy Chain- Count Basie.

Friday, April 15, 2005

TUNES Part 3

Because i've been a good boy lately and felt the need to be a bad boy, I went and spent money I do not have on new tunes.
When in Sydney I love to visit my parents local Borders. They have a large selection of jazz and what not.
From Borders I got:

The Proper label are highly sort after releases of old skool swing of great quality. Gene Krupa- Modern musics first ROCK star! $15! (if you are interested in dabbling into this era of swing- then the Proper collections are all highly rated.)


Dan The Automator. The man behind Gorillaz, Deltron 3030, Lovage, Kool Kieth (Dr Octogon) and many other albums. This is a trip into his music collection! Really great! A hefty $30!


The Incredible Jimmy Smith! Funky-arse blues/jazz hamond organ player! Fantastic music that makes one shake their arse. Feel very fortunate that every saturday night in Hobart I can shake my booty to a band that sound very much along these lines!
$21- 12 tracks!

This is an interesting cd. A three piece vocal group scatting and soloing in place of the instruments. Doing Basie! Backed by the best rythum group in history- None other then the Basie rythum group-Freddie Green (guitar), Eddie Jones (bass) & Sonny Payne(drums). From the one listen I've had, I quite dig it, but I think it could get a bit annoying. One of the vocalists (haven't worked out which one) sounds like Louis Prima. $29.

The other cd I was specifically after was the new Handsome Boy Modeling School, but Borders had it for $30 and I knew I'd seen it for cheaper else where. So I went to HMV.
They had it for $33, so I didn't buy it there. HOWEVER- as I was walking past their sale table this neat Count Basie album caught my eye and screamed- "YOU NEED ME!"
Well, for some of the best early basie recordings for just $10- how could I say no?
I also picked up a Boogie Woogie album for just $3! Turned out to be really cool. Stuff from 1938-1940. 20 tracks! A prize buy!
Also got an HMV Jimmy Smith collection for 5 bucks.

(as I was making my purchase, the guy serving me complimented me on the Jimmy Smith album. I recognized the voice (it was an amercian accent) and took a good look at him. Then I recognized him. I went to school with him! A cool guy who I used to talk comics and music with. He now managers the HMV).

Any other mere mortal may have had their music thirst sated.

But NOT me!

I still had to get the Handsome Boy album. I went to Myers where, after checking all of the relevant "catergories" (Rap, dance etc) I found it in the "Rock" section.

For $24.99!



Those crew who were at the Sherlock in Melbs earlier on this year? Remember that conversation about the Fraser/Holgate version of Sin City film? I'm minutes AWAY from getting my hands on it.


Wednesday, April 13, 2005


I didn't particulary like XXX the movie. You know the one. Action, spy, Vin Diesel.
I don't really like Vin Diesel. Pitch Black was a good movie, but Vin hardly said anything in it.
Infact, XXX was pretty shit!

I saw the preview for XXX2 last night. And I WANT to see it!
Well, Vin diesel isn't in it.

Playing the part of main action hero is none other then: ICE CUBE!!

Ice Cube!

NWA/solo rapper turned actor in such great films as Boys In The Hood, Higher Learning and 3 Kings! Ice Cube is, in my mind, a far better actor then fellow hardcore gangsta rapper- turned actor Ice T.

And in the trailer he looked HOT!
He's done some serious training! Must've been laying off the leaf and the 8-Balls!!

RAGE is sooooo 2004!

To those of you who have arrived here via some comic-related site. I hope you're not going to be disapointed.
I don't discuss comics here. Not much. There are so many other things more important to me to get all spazzed up about comics. Especially Australian comics.
Comics are HOT!
There are some HOT australian comics.
I will discuss them on occasion.

But you will not get any RAGE here. RAGE was sooooo 2004.


You heard it HERE first!

Friday, April 08, 2005

DeeVee: Flange

Is out THIS weekend at the Supernova Popculture extravagansa in Brisbane.

It's probally the first print comics I've done in quite some time! (so it's THE BEST!)
It be available this weekend at the con and thereafter in SanDiego or via mailorder from $10.00 for 60 pages of Flange.

A tease:



Wednesday, April 06, 2005


In this corner we have:

THE LACE MONITOR, Varanus varius

The Lace monitor is Australias 2nd largest lizard. The desert Perintine beats it in size. But an adult lace monitor grows to between 1.5 and 2 metres in length,with very powerful limbs and strong claws for scaling large tree in the hunt for birds. The Monitor also has very powerful jaws for hunting on the ground.

They're distributed throughout Eastern Australia.

FACT: When startled, a lace monitor will run towards the nearest tree climbing up the trunk to safety. If a particularly tall human is standing nearby, the monitor may mistake them for a tree, causing major slashing from the talon-like claws as it ascends.
FACT: Lace Monitors have incredibly acidic urine. If they whiz from above and hits you, it burns like acid.
FACT: Lace monitors have incredibly sharp teeth that they use to slash rotting carrion. Their teeth are hollow and are filled with poison-like bacteria and rotting bits of flesh. Like the Komodo Dragons (the worlds largest lizard), after been bitten, the prey will often die shortly after from infection. All the monitor has to do is follow the scent of death to it's feed.

In the other corner we have:

MY DAD, Bob "Bashem" Fraser

Bob is the 59 year old father of 4 sons and husband to the Susan. Bob is 6ft tall, and grey of hair.
He makes his home in Sydney, can also be found at various times of the year around the world on various business and grand prix yachting regattas.
On weekends he likes to spend his time on his country house north of Sydney nestled in the bush, or out on his boat either on the Sydney Harbour or the Hawkesbury River/Pitwater river system.

FACT: Bob has a tendency for adventure and showing off.
FACT: Bob is not afraid of fast machines or wild animals.
FACT: Bob has been known to jump bareback on strange horses in order to ride them in the hope of impressing those around him. He has been known to break his leg TWICE in his lifetime in this endeavor.

The BATTLEGROUND for this epic battle was Hallots Beach, Hawkesbury River last sunday, where Bob thought the two monstrous lace monitors who make the beach their home might like some sausages from his bbq.

Perhaps, fight-fans, Bob had read the Australian Reptile Park's website description of the lace monitor where it says "In certain areas lace monitors have learned to find food around picnic areas, scavenging around tables and in rubbish bins. Some have even become so tame they can be hand fed."

But perhaps he should've read the Wires website before trying to impress his friends. "It will defend itself against humans by inflicting serious wounds."


Or maybe this particular lace monitor simply couldn't tell where the sausage ended and Bob's hand began?

Before Bob knew what happened, the large lizard lockjawed his hand and began to thrash and roll, causing massive tissue slashing to the "hand that fed it". The only way the behemoth reptile was going to release Bob was by slicing through the flesh.

"It felt like razorblades", Bob later said as he retold the story to his son over the phone.

Although there was no nerve damage and no apparent infection, the judges declared: ROUND ONE VICTORY TO THE GOANNA!

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Website Update

Just updated my "professional website".

Nothing huge. But has been a bit neglected of late. Some news, some illustrations and some links to stuff that I've worked on recently.

ALSO, I have an INCREDIBLE article to write here. The MOST sin-tilating, brash, uncompromising expose EVER!
Was hoping to get to it today, but the website update took longer then I thought.

Join me here tomorrow for a story that the other media outlets are too afraid to touch.
It's an EPIC Clash of the Titans story!!!

Check it!

Monday, April 04, 2005


The party was a roaring success!
I started playing at 8pm as people were arriving. Just spinning some nice 1930's swing. To be honest I was a tad skeptical about how long could do it for and how much the crowd could stand. I found out later, that the crowd were also intitally dubious about how much swing they could tolerate.
And I should mention how classy the crowd were! All dressed up in their glad rags in a fantastic beach party house!
But as the music and cocktails started to take it's effects on the party vibe, I was able to pick up and run with it.
People were going crazy on the dancefloor and applauding for the songs I'd just played.
I had strangers and non-jazzers alike come up and tell me how much they were enjoying the music.
I didn't stop playing until after 3am! (I probally could've gone for longer but by that stage I was pretty tuckered out).

Started at 8pm. Finished at 3am.

Thats 7 hours non-stop! Nothing but swing! To a crowd that were not swing dancers, or listeners of jazz!

I had a very fun night, indeed!

I was just perusing the internet and came across this old interview I did back in 2001. If you're interested at all about comics, the Australian comics scene, the creative process or simply about what was occupying my thoughts back then, then have a squeeze. Probally one of the better interviews I did.
Needless to say I was alot younger back then.

I've been lent Paul Popes "THB" series and am digesting that. Very nice stuff. Quite inspiring actually.

ROBOTS- See Douglas review of it. My thoughts are quite similar.
ROSENCRANTZ AND GUILDENSTERN ARE DEAD- Brilliantly witty! Hamlet is my all time favourite Shakepeare. Been meaning to see this film for ages. It's got Tim Roth & Gary Oldman in it! Tim Roth & Gary Oldman! Did I mention the wit?
DIE HARD 3: DIE HARD WITH A VENGEANCE! - (saw it at the movies years ago, but rewatched it)I really like Die Hard (the first). It ranks up there in my favourite action movies. No.3, while riffing on the same refrain is an enjoyable action flick. The ending dragged out a little to much tho.

The unfulfilled relationship between Dawn & Tim has got to be every bit as painful to watch as any cringe worthy act from "the boss", David Brent! I was genuinely moved at the happy ending of these episodes where they finally get together.

OZ- My favourite tv show at the moment! This HBO Amercian prison drama is the only tv I watch (aside from Home & Away). Hard core, gritty drama that scares the shit out of me. Monday nights on SBS.

Trying to be good so I haven't bought anything new for awhile. (except the Lucky Millander cd the other week).
Been listening to some old stuff lately. Stuff that I used to really be into but haven't given a spin for ages. Blur & Ministry (Psalm 69= fucking awesome album!) really stand out.

JOHNNY CASH: AMERICAN IV: THE MAN COMES AROUND. I can't find this disc!!! It would be aural heaven for me right now, and I cannot locate the disc!!!
Don't suppose I lent it to anyone reading this, did I? If so, can I please have it back? Tah!

Friday, April 01, 2005

House and Crowded

Have I mentioned this before?
This saturday I've been asked to dj at this party:

I get paid in gin.

I have a limited selection of 20's stuff. Most of my collection is 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's and 90's jazz. But I figure they won't know the difference, or care when I play most of the 30's/40's hot swinging material.

I may be able to get an Illustration Friday picture out this week. I've gotto go meet a friend for lunch. We go to this pub down at Salamanca semi-regulary. They have THE best rib-eye steak sandwiches on THE PLANET! Hmmmmnnn! AND it's a balmy 27 degree day! What better way to be spending a day like this???

Getting back to Illustration Friday, this weeks theme was CROWDED. Got a bunch of ideas for it, but time is running out. So far my favourite has been Steve Macks! His put a smile right on my face and made me chuckle repeatedly!