Saturday, August 25, 2007

Krakovian breakers

The city of Krakow is home to the worlds first university. To this day the city has a strong legacy of learning. This is evident in the highly skilled and talented musicians that you'll see playing in clubs and busking in the main square.
A range of traditional, folk and jazz type.

And then there were these guys:

The weren't the BEST breakdancers I've seen. Maybe they'd be better if their sound system was bigger, so you could.... actually HEAR the music.
Respect must be given to them for their hardcore-ness. Notice they don't use a mat? That 2nd guy, the one spinning on his bare-back on that hard cobble stone, came away with bleeding grazes along his back.

You know thats going to sting in the shower!!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Killing fields

Tomorrow I'm popping up to Sydney for a few days.

I WAS going to pick up a car and load it up with stuff thats been sitting at my parents house for years and drive it down to Melbourne. Stuff like the rest of my book collection, a kick arse fishtank, a bunch of comics and maybe a book case.
However the car fell through so I'm catching a plane back on monday.

On the saturday I'm going to play paintball skirmish with my younger brothers and his friends as it was his birthday the other day.
I've played paintball atleast half a dozen times- but it was all a few years ago now. It's awesome fun but very punishing on your body. The running, the throwing yourself against rocks and tree's, the leaping over ravines and not to mention the impact welts when you get hit.
I'm out of shape and afraid sunday I'll be a wreck.

Speaking of sunday- I'm catching up with some good old friends for an afternoon session at the pub. It's been too long between drinks!!