Monday, November 19, 2007

Negative cool.

On saturday night while dancing to "Disco Inferno" at a trashy bar I lost my sandal while doing a disco-spin.

NOTHING about that is cool.

Friday, November 16, 2007

I'll turn vegetarian as soon as someone shows me a cow doing something more important than getting barbecued!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

It's a very nice afternoon and I don't want to do any work- which is really bad since I've got so much to do. I'm looking like I might slip behind on a deadline and I've just been given 2 other jobs I've gotto do as well.
But all I want to do is sit outside in the sun and drink beer. Or maybe throw the football around.

INSTEAD I shall waste time on the dusty old blog. It's been a bit neglected lately both by myself and YOU! Nobody reads this anymore anyway.
I was just renewing online my library books and thought I'd list the things I've borrowed this year.
Lists are always an easy blog topic. I get to show off my cultural superiority and you, the reader, most luckily come away with nothing but disgust and/or bewilderment with me.

Here we go:

The West Volume 1
The West Volume 2 (Ken Burns doco)
Blues masters Volume 1, The essential history of the blues
Lone wolf and cub 6, White heaven in hell
Red Dwarf 5 : byte two : quarantine
Grizzly man
Vietnam (The Australian tele series with Nicole Kidman)
The crocodile hunter : collision course
The crocodile hunter Volume 2, Steve's scariest moments
Musa the warrior (Korean sword-fest movie)
Six feet under : the complete second season
The Sopranos. The complete fifth season
Six feet under : The complete first season
Eliza Fraser
The Wonderful world of dogs
American splendor
The crocodile hunter. volume three
Last stand at Saber River (average Tom Selleck western based on a Elmore Leonard book)
Walking with dinosaurs/ Walking with monsters
Gladiatrix (doco about a woman wanting to be a gladiator in re creationists historical battles)
BBC Great wildlife moments

Graphic Novels:
Daredevil : the man without fear! : decalogue
V for vendetta
War stories
Y the last man : paper dolls
Tank girl
Just a pilgrim : garden of Eden
Planetary : crossing worlds
Small Gods Vol1: Killing Grin
Hawaiian Dick : the last resort
John Constantine, Hellblazer : dangerous habits
Y the last man : kimono dragons
The long haul
De : tales
Battler Britton
Spike vs. Dracula
Eightball: Like a velvet glove cast in iron
Freddy Lombard
Negative burn : the best from 1993-1998

All is forgiven - Tex, Don & Charlie
Everyone deserves music -Micheal Frenti
April in Paris- Count Basie
Robert Johnson: the complete recordings
Grace Knight: Stormy weather
Duke Ellington: It don't mean a thing Vol. 2 ; 1930-1934 : classic recordings
Sidney Bechet : great original performances 1924 tp 1938
Sly and the Family Stone: Greatest hits
Best of G. Love and Special Sauce
Tex-Mex: the full enchilada
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion: Plastic fang

Bit of a mixed bag up there, but thats whats great about the library. You can try whatever you want without having to invest any money so you can experiment a bit.

I'm not going to tell you the books I've borrowed because honestly it's pretty embarrassing.