Monday, June 26, 2006

Can't, won't and don't stop

And the fun keeps on going!

Pulled some family strings and scored some tickets to Wimbledon this Friday!

And then on the next day, (Saturday) we’re going to ANOTHER rock festival!

Ben and Jerry’s Sundae music festival! Wonder Stuff were playing on the Sunday- but it was sold out, so we’re going to the Saturday show. I think it only costed £5 (opposed to the £40 for Depeche Mode).

ALSO Peeping Tom are playing in July. Mike Patton and guests!!!

There are a bunch of other tasty acts that I saw HERE!

In between rocking out, we’re trying to organise a weekend up in Edinburgh, another trip to Munich in September (Oktoberfest), Ireland in late September and somewhere for the August long weekend. Maybe Poland, Venice or Prague??? Or perhaps walking in Wales or somewhere south in England?

Times running OUT!

Friday, June 23, 2006


You know how you see on tv and movies the cops hit their sirens and weave in and out of the traffic, driving on the wrong side of the road and mounting the sidewalk?
And the pedestrians unawares- stepping infront of the oncoming cars only to jump out of their way with shocked/angry/surprised/frightened expressions on their faces- never to be seen or thought of again, and were probally played by the stunt crew?

Well this morning I WAS one of those pedestrians!!

I stepped out on the main road cheekily against the red light- only to have to dive out of the way of an oncoming police car with it's wailing sirens driving down the wrong side of the road!

And weirdly yesterday aswell- but it was an ambulance then. In the front passenger seat was a camera-man with the biggest video camera I've ever seen pointed a foot away from the drivers face. I could've sworn he was switching from talking INTO the camera and watching the road as he swerved in and out of the traffic.

As I sit here at work they're demolishing the building next door. Bits of debris, and glass are smashing onto the ground outside my window and my desk is covered with dust. There is a new crack appearing in the wall next to me and I'm told there is an even bigger one upstairs.
I'm waiting for a wrecking ball to come crashing through the wall at any moment.

Some one has put on the soundtrack to CSI- which I'm trying not to really dig.

It's all systems GO!

Wheres the JAZZ??

Its that time of year (or that time of my inhabitation) where I am inundated with social engagements.

This weekend I've got some big music things on!
Saturday we're going to THIS.. "BAKED BEATS". Laptop djs, bands etc..
One of our friends is playing. He does what the kids call Mash-ups on his laptop.

Then on sunday I'm going to the O2 WIRELESS FESTIVAL. I've only just looked at the line up. I was sold on Depeche Mode and Goldfrapp. But I was excited to see GANG OF FOUR are also playing!! Fucking radical!!
And there are a bunch of bands i have never heard of before..... but that means nothing.
When I tell Ainslie that I know nothing about todays music- shes states thats because I was "born in the 70's".....!!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Why i'm cutting down on my tea intake

The cup of tea I just made for myself tastes like baby vomit.

Which begs the question- HOW do I know what baby vomit tastes like??

Sunday, June 18, 2006


Remember last month we went up to Liverpool? This photo pretty much sums it up.

Lots of fun & adventures. Lots of shitty stuff aswell.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

I say good DAY, sir!

I GIVE you your utmost desires and you give me NUTHIN' in return?!

What up with that?

Friday, June 02, 2006

Todays NEWS!


I’m coming “home”.

More about that later in the bulletin.

Further to our discussion earlier on the subject of THE MAN.
Tex Perkins knows where I’m coming from.
He admits that he is “just a man”. Note he claims to be A man, and not THE man.
I hear you, brother!
The 7th UK Big Brother is an absolute travesty and a disgrace. It’s a totally irresponsible bit of tele.
There’s a guy with Tourette’s, a gay Glaswegian Indian who’s mentally unstable and was pulled out of the house for saying he was going to kill himself, an ex-porn actress, a misogynist bigoted A-Hole and plenty of other waste of spaces. Get these FUCKERS of the air!
I’m sort of enjoying reading this blog commenting on the show:
And did you know that Bez, from the Happy Mondays won celeb BB awhile back?

Can’t believe we have to pay a television license in this country.

Speaking of television, Deadwood season 2 is plodding along nicely and is building up a strong momentum- much to the chagrin of my house mates who object to the excessive use of “fuck”, “cocksuckers” and “hoopleheads”.

The London Girl and I now refer to the show as “Cocksuckers”. As in when we’re coming home on a crowded tube one of us might suggest “You wanna watch an episode of Cocksuckers tonight?”
The London Girl is down with the program! She even insists we drink whiskey- straight up- while we watch!

(that whole last bit could be read really wrongly)

Saw The Da Vinci Code.
It was DULL!

Although ever since I found Jesus and was the recipient of a MIRACLE in the cathedral back in Florence (now THERE’S a story I haven’t told YOU yet!!), I’ve enjoyed discussing the topic of Jesus and the theories/conspiracies.

I haven’t read the book, but dollars to donuts Garth Ennis did it better in PREACHER!

Saw the trailer for the new Pirates of the Caribbean and it looked FANTASTIC! Have you seen it? Davey Jones squid face looks amazing! Can’t wait! I’d better not be disappointed PEOPLE!!

Also saw the Supes trailer and I’m afraid to say- it looked a bit rad.

Bought some cd’s as well.

On a semi-drunken impulse buy I bought A Proper Introduction to Robert Johnson: Cross Road Blues
And Oscar Peterson Plays The Harold Arlen Song Book .

Last night in a non-drunken and thoughtfully planned out state of mind I purchased Mike Pattons newest master piece “PEEPING TOM”. It’s got Dan The Automators magic touch along with Kid Koala, Massive Attack, Noah Jones and heaps of other cool dudes!

The other purchase was The Raconteurs. ROCK!


And back to our Main Headline Story, The DIGGSVILLE WORLD TOUR has added some Australian dates.

Going to be leaving London on the 31st of October and hitting Melbourne on the 1st Nov.

After that, the details have yet to be finalized. It’ll no doubt be an East Coast tour with appearances in Melbourne, Hobart and Sydney.
Truth be told I’ll be yo-yo-ing between the 3 cities right through the summer as I don’t really have a home city to come back to.
More details TBA.

To quote a great man “….and what else?”

That’s about it.

And what about you?

Thursday, June 01, 2006


I’ve been to one or two bars in my time. Yes, yes. It IS true. Believe it or not.

I am a little bit of a fan of cocktails. A skilfully crafted alcoholic beverage that tastes good. I am not a fan of creamy or fruity cocktails. They are for girls and communists.

I think it was Big Daddy who told me that you should be able to see through a cocktail. And I think I agree.

I remember when I first moved to Hobart in 2000, there was NO WHERE you could go and get a cocktail. When I left 5 years later, there were numerous places- and some of them were pretty good.

Last weekend we went to a friend’s birthday drinks at a cocktail bar.
I am always impressed when they actually have GIN Martini’s listed on the cocktail menu and I was pleasantly surprised to see this place had the option of “shaken or stirred”. It’s been scientifically proven that this makes no difference to the drink, but it shows that they actually care about making it the way you want it.
I had 2 dry gin martinis and a Rob Roy. Very nice drinks they were too.
The other good thing about this place was the price. We made it to their Happy Hour. 2 for 1. Even outside of their happy hour, they were reasonably priced.

However while the drinks, music and price were all good, the clientele left something to be desired. Nothing ruins the atmosphere like a half-arsed drunken congo line that turns into a punch up.
Also the barman’s “friends” were rather forcibly cracking onto the female punters. It kind of ruins your drinking experience when you have to keep one eye on your friends ordering drinks at the bar to make sure everything was above board…

My motto: DRINK SMART!