Monday, April 21, 2008

My apologises for that last post...

.... I think we can all agree I didn't know WHAT I was thinking!

HOWEVER..... that exhibition has left me wanting an old-skool console game.

I've found some nice looking Super Nintendos, NES Nintendo and some Sega Master Systems on eBay that I'm very tempted about!!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Sat 19th April

Can you BELIEVE that April is ALMOST over??!!
Anyways... I made it home safely.... Don't worry Lyndall, I Bi-cycled home safely!!
To quote Egg-chan.. "It wasn't easy!"

I traversed the bright city lights and rode along Swanston St. PREVIOUSLY we went to check out the computer game exhibition in the city..... and then the BAR crawl....I followed some hippy chick who looked sober enough to navigate the crazy city streets but I had my come back if she decided to "diss" me on my "swervy" riding style.
ATLEAST I HAD MY LIGHTS ON, HIPPY CHICK! (Which she did not and I did).

There was a black hole in my trip where I can't actually remember which way I went but I DO recall passing a fellow bi-cycle rider and I was about to converse with him but he took an abrupt left-hand turn.

But thats OK, course by THAT stage I'd sobered up enough to ENJOY my ride (NOT sober enough to ride home SAFELY or LEGALLY ) but singing the QUEEN Flash Gordon soundtrack out loud certainly helped me get home!!!

I had to drop in to the BP petrol ST to get some Pringles for DINNER where I did CONVERSE with a smacky looking dude also on a bike. We exchanged glances and then shouted out "RIDE SAFE, BROTHER!"
Which, from memory, he gleefully accepted!
And then... and this is the BEST part... I rode round the corner (just moments from home).. and came across another female rider... with a GLEEFUL smile on her face!!!
I was about to greet her with a "RIDE SAFE, SISTER!" when I realised
SHE was MY Ains!!! Come out to meet me on the streets!!


How COOL was THAT??!!

Friday, April 04, 2008


After coming back from Hobart at Easter we were SHOCKED to discover that we had some unwanted MICE squatters in our pad.
We weren't sure how many there were at first, as we only saw one running around our kitchen floor and leaving it's little evidence everywhere.
This was worrying enough, but then I discovered that it'd chewed through the plastic bag of my bread and ate a little bit if about half of the slices. Not only that but it'd also chewed through the metallic foil wrapper of Ains easter egg and had a go at that too!


So we bought one of those no-mess traps where the mouse crawls into a trap and it all seals up so you don't have to deal with the blood etc.

But that didn't appear to work so we then escalated the level of hostilities and bought 2 old-skool traps. Baited them with smelly cheese AND smeared them in peanut-butter THEN sticky-taped it so the mouse would have to really work at it.
About midnite we were listening from the bedroom to a mouse trying to have a go. It took about 5 minutes before we heard the SMACK of the trap.

We crept to the kitchen expecting to see a bloodbath or maybe a headless mouse running around the room. But it was a nice clean hit. The bar went right through the mouses neck- behind it's skull. Probally killing it instantly.
I wrapped it all up in newspaper then in a plastic bag and then through it all in the bin.

Humans 1. Rodents 0.


Or so we thought.....

.... I've gotten bored with this story so I'm going to end it here. The short version is we got one more in the no-mess trap, but because we couldn't SEE inside we weren't sure there was a mouse in there. Until it started to SMELL.
I caught the baby one in a box and released it into the park a few blocks away, next to a cheese factory.

Yes I am a pussy.


Thursday, April 03, 2008

Making with the funny!

Normally I'm not that good at impressions but about every decade I can channel the spirit of someone and do, from what people tell me, a really good impersonation.

Last decade it was Garth from Waynes World.

This decade it's Gordon Ramsey.