Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Greatest Adventure.

Awhile ago I wrote here that perhaps I'm not bloging much because I'm not having as many adventures. While it's true that I haven't been on many travels of late, I have begun the biggest adventure any hip, bachelor playboy could do... and thats to enter into a monogamist marital life commitment with another.

I'll just let that sink in for a moment and hope that you'll continue reading regardless of where you might think this is going.

Now anyone who'd been through it already will tell you that organising a wedding is a huge endeavour. The logistics, the cost and the relationship minefield are pretty insane. Our original intention was to have an occasion where we could invite everyone we wanted for as cheap as possible.
However once you get into it, you find that your original wishes will be chipped away by family demands, venue capacity, and, of course, budget. Once you start thinking about other people's concerns the event can start to become about accommodating other people and not you two. Pretty much every step has been a minefield and you have to remember to reign it back into what we want.
Maybe the worst thing is ending up with a limited capacity for guests. We ended up with enough room for our large families, but probably not enough for all our friends. Which simply sucks.

Despite the drag of all this, we have had a lot of fun at times organising our day. We've come up with (usually- admittedly- while drinking) some damn exciting ideas to make our day special and unique.
I thought I'd share some of them.

*Arrival of the bridal party
We've come up with a lot of ideas for this.
The ceremony will be by the water on a small strip of beach. So there are MANY options for us:
1. By scuba. Ala James Bond/Charlies Angels, we emerge from the water unzipping our wetsuits to reveal our dress suits underneath.
2. Water ski.
The below configuration would work as we both have 2 groomsmen/bridemaids. We'd be at the apex.
3. Jet ski with a beach assault landing.
4. Being carried through the water on the backs of dolphins.
5. Arriving by horse back charge.
6. Arriving in a sled drawn by miniature goats. The goats MUST have their horns painted gold.

#Music for the ceremony
-Too obvious to actually use, but worth mentioning- The bride could walk down the aisle to this.
-On celebrating the end of the ceremony I'll turn to the crowd while pulling out a stoogie and say "I love it when a plan comes together", then this will play.
- OR, this will play, while the guests shoot pistols into the air.

*Mixing of sands ceremony (variation of).
Mixing of a cocktail. e.g gin martini (gin + vermouth).

*Releasing of white doves (a variation of..)
Some people release white doves, butterflies or balloons as a beautiful touch at the end of the ceremony.
I thought instead, we could release bees.
I'd LOVE to see the guests reaction when it's announced. I wonder how long it'd take for them to register that perhaps they should run. This idea is especially tempting as I heard that scientists have worked out that bee's have facial recognition with humans..... so you could train them to "attack" certain people.

Thats just a sprinkling.