Friday, October 27, 2006

Diggsville East Coast Tour Dates

It works like this:
Tues 31st Oct- Leave London
Weds 1st Nov- Arrive Melbourne (late)

Sun 5th Nov- Arrive Sydney (midafternoon)
Dads 60th Birtdhay. See older brothers new pad. See the dog before she dies. Hopefully see peoples new babies.

Weds 8th Nov- Arrive Hobart
Weds 16th Nov- Arrive Melbourne.

Right now I've got 10 mins left of work FOR THE LAST TIME!!

To those in Elsewhere in the world- I'll see you sometime soon!
To those in Australia- I'll see you REAL soon!


Monday, October 23, 2006

The Fonz would dispair.

After walking all the way THRU London this morning (45mins) , and being at work for 1 and a half hrs, I discovered MY FLY WAS UNDONE!


Friday, October 20, 2006

The old blog has been a bit quiet of late which would lead readers to believe that nothing has been happening WORTH reporting on.

Nothing could be further from the truth. NOTHING!

Fact is I’ve been doing SO much I haven’t had a chance to sit down and write it out. That’s probably a reason why I’m behind on some of my emails as well. Got a lot going on!

I won’t get a chance to give a blow-by-blow description- but you’ll be able to read it in the lines of my face next time we meet.

However, here are some tasters of some of the FUN stuff that’s been happening:

From Ireland. Just 2 of the kick-arse castle we came across.

LOVED the ivy covered ruin. It was in an amazing location- in the middle of a cow paddock by the ocean. We were able to climb all over it.

The Hommies on the London Eye:

The latest exhibition at the Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall is an incredibly cool slide exhibition. That’s SLIPPERY slides!!

Carsten Höller is the madman/genius behind it. His vision of the future involves slides as the new means of transport!

There are 5 slides in all- each one coming from a different level of the hall.

Check it out:

Read more HERE.

And… best of all.. here is VIDEO FOOTAGE of ME being spat out of the level 4 slide. Check out my exit speed- that’ll give you an inclination of just how fast you go.

Also listen at the beginning. You can hear me squealing like a girl (but in a manly way).

The London Girls footage is the funniest out of all of us, but I’ll let her show it if she wants.

Next week I’ll have FIRM dates of the East Australian tour. Some surprises there for sure!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Kimster!

Occasionally I’ll get marginally fascinated by individuals of importance . Fascinated enough to do some internet research into them. Early this year it was Jesus. The other week it was Pope Benedict XVI.

This week it’s Kim Jong-il:

Such a strange and enigmatic man. Is he a cunning master manipulator or an irrational madman?

There are all sorts of weird stories about him, but due to the highly secretive nature of the North Korean government, no one really knows if they are true- or part of Kim Jong-il’s own mythmaking.

His flamboyant playboy lifestyle, stern leadership abilities and hip love of pop-culture would make him the coolest world leader ever- if he wasn't such a dangerous nutjob who's actions make not only the people of Nth Korea life a misery, but also threaten to plunge the world back into a nulcear cold war.

In my VAST internet research (by "vast" I mean the BBC news website and Wikipedia) I've come across this rad propoganda video about the man himself.

Here's a screen capture:
It's a musical retelling of his birth. It starts out similar to the creation of Monkey Magic and ends with a bit of Clint Eastwood/Pale Rider action!

Lets hope those High Five's aren't EXPLODING NUCLEAR POWERED High Fives!

Peace out Mr Kim. PEACE OUT!

Friday, October 06, 2006


I’ve lost my inspiration for cooking of late. The only thing I seem to crave cooking is salmon.

In Ireland we had plenty of tasty seafood (as well as the Irishman’s’ apple- potatoes). We even stumbled upon an Oyster Festival in Galway. I may or may not be allergic to oysters- so I only had one. Even though I love them.

I also came across WHITE pudding- which begs the question- if BLACK pudding is made from congealed blood- what’s WHITE pudding made from?