Wednesday, November 05, 2008


I've been inspired lately to dig back into jazz music- with special focus on early swinging jazz (1920-30's).
I guess this has been spurred on by my re-interest in swing dancing and dj-ing. After an absence of about 2 years my current practise of (semi) dance practise and social dancing is starting to feel good. I'm liking the excerise.
The dj-ing is fun too as it lets me get music-nerded on. So far I've been playing at a pretty cool bar in Collingwood for swing dancers and I also did a speciel guest spot the other week on Hobart ABC radio. Got a set coming up at the Melbourne Lindy Exchange, which is meant to be one of the more exlusive dj-ing gigs in the country.

For inspiration I've been re-watching the AWESOME Ken Burns History of Jazz.
I've also been digging into my cd collection and discovering some great tracks that somehow I overlooked the first time.
CD buying (esp over the internet) isn't great at the moment due to the poor currency exchange, but I've been picking up a few cd's of late at local record stores. Good thing about olde jazz, is it's quite often very cheap!
I picked up just yesterday these:

All of which have been very cool on a first listening. Lots of hot and wild stuff!