Friday, October 28, 2005

Scorpio Brthdays!

It's come to that time of year. The Scorpio birthday season!

I've written somewhere here about my love for scorpio women.
But I also know a few scorpio men.
So happy birthday:

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Beardo- Part 1

I'm thinking of shaving my beard this morning.
The GOOD= I get to have sideburns back. I get to show off my handsome jaw line. I'll feel less like a hobo. I'll look younger.
The BAD= I'll bleed. It's cold and windy outside & my face will be exposed. I won't look as tough. I won't look as old. The London Girl likes the fuzziness.

What do the readers think?

Friday, October 21, 2005

Star spotting!

It seems like the week for starspotting!

Last night we saw James Cromwell eating dinner above the cocktail bar we where at.

Among other things James was in 6 Feet Under, played Dudley Smith in LA Confidential and was in all 3 Revenge Of The Nerds films. He played Lewis' father.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Tales From The Tube


*I saw Stone Roses frontman/solo artist Ian Brown!
He was getting on the tube as I was getting off at Baker Street station.

*I'm reading a good book: "Cat Chaser" by Elmore Leonard.

The UK editions of Elmore Leonards'books feature cover illustrations by Tim Marrs. He's got a pretty cool style. Check it out.

*A lady sat opposite me wearing the ninja-like muslim robes. While I'm not down at all with the sexual opression of fundamental islam, it was enlightning to see the dress in real life instead of an image on tv. Also reminded me of the diverse multi-culturism in London.

*The Man has forced P.T goers to sign up and use a credit card like system called The Oyster Card. I resisted for aslong as I could, but they stopped issueing normal paper tickets for weeklys.
Basically, The Man can track where you go and when. It also dosen't show you when you bought your ticket, so for a weekly pass, you will sometimes forget when you need to renew it. Like this morning.
I wasn't sure if it expired today or tomorrow so I scanned it in, and the gates opened.
Cool, I thought.
But when I went to go on the tube again, it wouldn't work.
Turns out my card expired yesterday, and it debited me for my ride this morning.
So not only did I have to renew my weekly (21.40 pounds), but I had to pay an extra quid for the ride this morning.

*Someone smelt like dog pooh on my tube from Baker St to Totnahm Court Road.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Sluggers call it a day.

Sydney neo-swing band, The Louisville Sluggers are calling it a day.

I've written an entry about this twice already, but this computer kept crashing.

So, simply, I dug 'em.
They've appeared in my pally's and mine comics. We named our radio show, "Well Swung" after one of their songs. I spun their songs on my radio show.
The manager, Michelle "The Boss" Scott is a cool chick who slipped me free cd's, put my name on the door at gigs and gave me good advice about where to find cocktails in Las vegas.

The band members look like they're up to exciting and big things. Cocktail lounge gigs in Dubai, skateboarding tv shows for Aus.

Best of luck Sluggers and thanks for the tunes!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


I've lost my password to my website, so I'm hosting this new piece here.

Whipped it up the other day.

Friday, October 07, 2005


Couple of questions for the professional Illustrators out there.
I'm currently talking with a few London based Illustrator Agents. I've spent too much time in the last couple of years working in animation to be out of the loop.

What has been your experiance with Agents?

Anything I should be looking out for or be wary of?

And on a related note, after ages I've just had a look at Illustration Friday. This week they have 450 contributers.

Are people still doing stuff over there or is it just too big now to bother?

Come on now.


From The C-man

This was like a gift from The C-man. One of the most beautiful things mine old eyes have gazed upon.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Comic stuff

More debauchered travel tales worthy of the Diggsville annuals to come! Even got pictures!

But a little time out to reflect on comics.

Here is a nice, well rounded review of DeeVee:Flange. Except my name only gets mentioned once! ONCE!!!??

Also, after nearly 3 months of not working/or picking up a pencil I'm back at it. Proof-of-concept stuff for the Glasgow gig. Dig?