Friday, January 27, 2006

Johnny Foreigner Part II

*Lord Nelson once reportedly called a midshipman to his cabin to instruct him in the three essentials to survive in the Royal (English) Navy. "First, you must implicitly obey orders, without attempting to form any opinion of your own respecting their propriety; secondly, you must consider every man as your enemy who speaks ill of your King; and, thirdly, you must hate a Frenchman as you do the devil."

*During the Napoleonic wars, a live monkey was washed ashore on the English coastline from a shipwreck. The local's hanged it from the gallows on the beach, on the grounds that since it had been unable to understand their questions, it must have been a French spy.

*We're planning a trip to France at Easter.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I find this funny:

Going through some of my old work- trying to get inspired and muster up some creative mojo to combat the head cold I have.

There is work to be done!

I looked at this:
I think it's funny!

Thursday, January 19, 2006


The Dog and Cat News broadband website that I worked on with Blue Rocket Productions has been nominated in the Annual ANIMIA awards in the categories for Best Childrens AND Best Entertainment!
Running against me for Best Childrens is none other then my good mate Tee!

In other Awards news, The 2nd Annual Ledger Awards- Acknowledging excellance in Australian Comic ARt and Publishing- is now open for people to vote for the nominee's.

A lot of the nominee's are friends and regular readers of Diggsville, so due to those selfish reasons, this is how you should vote:

ACHIEVEMENT OF THE YEAR: Mark Selan and the 24 Hr Contest & Maggie McPhee for Pulp Faction boards.
SMALL PRESS TITLE OF THE YEAR: Tonia once again for her Pirate book (which I HAVEN'T even read yet! But she's cool - and more importantly, regularly leaves comments here!)
INTERNATIONAL TITLE OF THE YEAR : Dee Vee: Flange. By Daren White, Dan Best, C-man and.... ME!
WEBCOMIC OR COMIC STRIP OF THE YEAR: Jase Harper's Big Fun Mega Happy Pet Land!
WRITER OF THE YEAR : Christian Read!!
ARTIST OF THE YEAR: Doug Holgate!!
SINGLE ISSUE OR STORY OF THE YEAR: Lots of friends in this one. Doug for his "Laika" story in Flight #2. Christian AND Tonia for their "The Record" story in Something Wicked and finally Star Wars Tales #27 which Nicola Scott drew.
Winners announced on Australia Day.

Monday, January 16, 2006

behind the magic

For the ignorant FUCK that is douglas:
The previous picture as the vector artowrk:

Thens I brought it into photoshop and did my thing.

SPeaking of Douglas, you Melbournites should check THIS:

Should be a HOOT!

Thursday, January 12, 2006


I've been trying to add that little bit more of an edge to my tradionally vector artworks.
That, and I've just finished watching Deadwood Season 1.

Fucking hoople-head cock-SUCKERS!

Saturday, January 07, 2006


Speaking of Vikings..... We also went to the Jorvick viking centre.
They had built a replica of a Viking settlement on the actual spot. You hop on a carriage and go through the village where they have replicated everything about it.... including the SMELL!!

Vikings smell really, really, REALLY bad! We almost dry-retched. Espicially when we were confronted by the Viking taking a dump only 5 feet from us.

Although I learnt that due to the poor quality of drinking water and worms in the unpasturised milk even the viking-kids drank beer- BUT none of them were ROCKING!

So The London Girl and I tried to get the place rocking by becoming VIKINGS!!!

I purchased a horn flask that i shall be drinking ALL my beer from!

Jorvick (York)

Early this week we went up to York for a few nights. York is situated near the east coast of England- about halfway up. 2 hours on the train from Kings Cross station.

York has a pretty interesting history. It seems to me to have been a city fucked over, conquered, attacked and settled by foreingers for the last 2000 years.
It was a very important Roman city and was the place of the fortress of Eboracum. It was here that the first Christian Caesar was proclaimed- Constantine. There is a statue of him outside the church today. Within thirty years of St. Augustine's arrival at Canterbury to convert the country, York was declared the centre of missionary Christianity in the North of England.
Then the Romans pulled out of Britain in AD 400.

Next were the Vikings.
"Jorvik was the name given to York by Vikings who conquered and settled the Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Northumbria. A 'great Viking army' captured York in AD 866, and in 876 the Vikings settled permanently in parts of the Yorkshire countryside. Viking kings ruled this area, known to historians as 'The Viking Kingdom of York', for almost a century. In 954 the last Viking king, Eric Bloodaxe, was expelled and his kingdom was incorporated in the newly consolidated state of England."

Then in 1066 the Normans came and conquered ALL of England.

York was also the staging ground for some of the Jacobite uprising, and a major battleground for the Civil War in the 1600's. (I didn't know that there was actually a Republic of England that lasted only 3 years inbetween the reign of Charles 1 and Charles 2,)

York was also bombed by the Germans in WW2.

And in early 2006 it was visited by 2 Australians.

It was a pretty town. You've gotto love a city where you have to go through a portcalis to enter:

Surrounded by a river/moat:

Has cool castle bits throughout:

And is surrounded by a wall:

The insides of the Old Town are like a rabbit warren on narrow streets and cool looking shops, pubs and eating places:

The York Minster Abbey is a mother-fucking HUGE cathedral!

Even a nay-sayer like me has to be impressed by this largest Gothic Cathedral in all of Europe.
Inside is a cavernous area of prayer nooks (like I know what there actually for?!) and impressive stained glass windows.

The other things I noticed about York:

* Lots and lots of Old People running around in fat guy chairs
* Lots and lots of teenagers dressed in Emo-gear.
* They're big on poo. Every museum had some kind of shit-display whether it was the history of the flushing toilet to fosilised Viking poo.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

The year that will be?

2004 was The Year of The Rage.
2005 was The Year of The Rad.

What will 2006 be The Year of..?

At the moment it maybe The Year of Righteousness.
Morally upright; without guilt or sin: a righteous parishioner.
In accordance with virtue or morality: a righteous judgment.
Morally justifiable: righteous anger.