Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Five-o busts ain't no thing.

I just came home from having lunch with a friend and as I was riding up to our driveway I saw a police van out the front with a uniformed cop standing there. I was about to ask what was up (even though I knew what they were doing) when he told me to step to the side.
Then a plain clothes cop walked our next door neighbour up the drive and into the panel van.
I was caught in between wanting to rubberneck and just leaving them all to do what they needed to do.
Our new neighbours are pretty rough. They look like old jailbirds. I have no problems with them aside from having to smell their stinky chain-smoking odor. They've been straight up with me and I've had a few chats with them and even helped them hook up their (stolen?) Playstation.
However the other (young ladies) neighbours don't like them much at all.

I've been watching a lot of The Wire in the last week and while I ain't no player and not in the game- Five-O rousts don't faze me much.
Speaking of The Wire, all the slums, projects and public housing developments remind me a lot of various places I lived in back in London (but with more flashier cars).
Do you remember when the London Police were using our flat as a stakeout? And that was when I lived in a half-decent neighbourhood.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Trying to stay positive.

I came across the Dear Catastrophe Waitress album by Belle and Sebastian today in my studio and thought I'd give it a bash.

WHO KNOWS..... I might have LIKED it and done another reverse.

How embarrassing I thought...as the first 30 seconds sounded pretty cool. But then it went down hill fast.

I could only get through the first 3 tracks until I really couldn't listen to it any more.

BUT... to balance out the negativity, here are some things I'm LIKING:

Yesterday I bought the new Raconteurs/Saboteurs album, Consolers of the Lonely and I'm liking it. On a couple of listen through I don't think I like as much as the first (i really enjoyed that), but it's still very good!
I also bought "The Curse of Lightning" by Melbourne band Wagons, which I'm digging too! (There's a track on it that'll be making an appearance in my exhibition.
I've also been getting into The Lucksmiths a bit.

Devoured Blankets by Craig Thompson. A great read that crawled into my head and stuck around for a few days. I haven't read his stuff before and I can't remember- is Goodbye, Chunky Rice meant to be better then Blankets? Is it similar stuff?

Also read the first Sleeper by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips which was fun. Will go and get the other volumns.
Speaking of Ed Brubaker... I re-read a bunch of 100 Bullets and by being able to take a few steps back from the monthly read started to piece together what is going on in the over all story-arch. I feel like an obtuse dumb-arse.

Meow, Baby! by Jason was a fun romp. As was the re-read of pre-insanity Frank Miller's Batman: Year 1. Good to see that still holds up.


Bought season 3 part 2 of Entourage. Once you get into it this series is soooo easy to watch. I was only going to watch 1 ep today, but I think I ended up getting through 3. It's pacey, high energy format makes it addictive watching. Have to get tough and ration my viewing as I could easily get through it in another day or 2.

Season 3 of Battlestar is starting to get interesting too. About 3 eps behind the current USA release. For a series that has many lame-arse and bumpy episodes, when it gets good... IT'S GREAT!