Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Flamin' Myer

At the risk of incriminating myself, I was in the Hobart Myers last saturday and left disgruntled as they didn't have what I was looking for. I was also reminded how daggy and outdated the store was. It hasn't been re-decorated since the 70's.

An hour later it was evacuated and not long after the whole building burnt to the ground.

From Ains' mums house in West Hobart we had a good view of the spectacle as we partied on to celebrate Ains's birthday.

At about 6pm:

Then, about 30 mins later it started to fireball:

Luckily no one was hurt. However the heritage listed exterior of the building was totally destroyed. The nearby small stores would've been affected by the fire from smoke damage, ash and water damage from the firehoses.
The cities only comic shop is situated right next to Myers (it shares a wall)- so it's a good chance thats trashed!
One of my friends owns a custom culture clothing store nearby too. The CBD was closed down and lots of people are now out of jobs.

The cocktail bar had a special drink that night called "A Flaming Myer". It was pretty tasty.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Spring... it's here!

There were just two doves rooting in the tree outside my window.

Don't you love spring!!!

That real change in the seasons... where the cold and wet (sorta) slowly rolls into the UV baked, drought-ridden, dusty oven-like temperatures of summer in Melbourne.

Things are looking pretty good.
I've just handed in the first pencils of a cool project that I'm having fun with.
Drawing like a demon.
Got 2 new playlists that I'm cranking out. One rock, the other hip-hop.
About to head into town for a spot of latenight shopping. It's Ains birthday on sunday.
We're celebrating it down in Hobart. I'm heading down tomorrow for the weekend.
Got a new wallpaper courtesy of Jones and the his latest Wayward Cartoonist challenge for the HBO theme. (Mines a'coming!)

As the sun slowly sinks down outside I can still spy one of the doves sitting in the same tree.

Is that the afterglow I detect or are they contemplating the mistake they just made?

Wondering if the other will ever call them again?

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Recommended Reading

This is mainly a note to myself so I won't forget, but others might find it useful.
I recently asked around for reading recommendations for "important" and good books that I might enjoy.
These are what some friends replied:

#"Dunno about important. But recently read The Book of Dave. Loved it!"

#"Alain de Botton, "consolations of philosophy". It is great fun and quite profound at the same time. It's possibly my favorite book."

#"John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men. Short little novel (so won't be a massive in between book). Story of poverty, the working man in depression America, friendship and fate! Excellent!

#"Rona Jaffe's "Mazes & Monsters", the *ahem* true story of depressed D&D players in the 70's committing suicide by getting drunk and (hence) lost in the tunnels beneath their uni. From the perspective of a street hardened PI who has an ethnic sidekick."


Saturday, September 08, 2007


I watched the opening game of the Rugby World Cup- France vs Argentina on saturday morning.

Enjoyed it and am looking forward to seeing the rest of the games.

Rugby Union players are such monsters. In particular this French fella:

SEBASTIEN CHABAL (aka The Caveman!)

Now THATS a sport worthy of the Roman Colosseum!