Thursday, August 31, 2006


I just remembered that I have a bottle of MEAD at home. Unopened.

Does anyone know whats the best way to drink it? (besides from out of a viking horn or the skull of your defeated foes).
Chilled? Room temperature?
And will it keep after opening? Do I have to refridgerate?

Bought this stuff at the Isle of Wight.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Night of the Living Baseheads

On the weekend we went to Richmond Park. At almost 1000 hectares, it's the largest Royal Park in London.

It kicked arse!!

Just continuous woodlands and open grass fields just 30 mins train ride away from Waterloo Station.

The park is also home to hundreds of wild Red and Fallow deer.

Walking through the old oak woods we came across a few big stag deers with huge sets of antlers. We got some excellent photos and video of them standing in front of us on the path. Just staring us down, before they bounded off into the woods. We also came across quite large herds of females and their young.

But, I can't show you ANY of this because that night our bag (with our digital camera) was stolen from underneath our feet when we were at a pub.

Normally we are quite aware and protective of our stuff when out in London- but somehow these bag-snatching-professionals out-NINJA-skilled us!

I won't go into the rest the night- it's too depressing to think about it and I'd rather try and stay focused on the great experience we had at the park.

I’d really like to go back soon and do it with bikes. It’s so big we only covered a quarter of it on foot. Hopefully I can get a new camera before hand and try and recapture the lost moments…..

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Thats How I'm Living

The overwhelming success of having a GUEST WRITER here on Diggsville not too long ago gave me the idea to throw down the gauntlet and open up the soapbox. So....

If you're keen, let me know. Anyone or Anything. I'll post it HERE!

Have your rants, reviews, word-ups, guides-to-better-lives read by ZILLIONS around the world!

If you want to hide your identity you can use a fake name.(e.g Tee Holgate, Doug Selan, London Holgate, Maggie Douglas, etc etc)

Initially I promised to publish WHAT EVER I was given- unedited... but ....I've got someone already lined up and, tell you the truth, I'm .........AFRAID of what she might have to say and show.

But I did promise her I wouldn't censor it... so for now thats the policy..

EGADS!! Have you EVER read anything more EXCITING???!!!!

In OTHER news... the housemates are starting to warm towards 21 Jump St. Well, MOST of them are. There is STILL one who doesn't dig it! But the other night we watched 3 episodes IN A ROW- at the request of Housemate-Paula!


Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Nacho Libre

Saw this film last week. Was very much looking foward to it- but it pretty much sucked.

About 30 mins into it, Ainslie asked me "Is this movie for retarded people?" .

There were one or two funny moments, some nice wrestling sequences that were over too quickly, and maybe 3 touching moments. The rest was sluggish- if not offensive.
Afterwards I remarked to Ains that it reminded me alot of Napoleon Dynamite. The stilted camera direction, the boring set ups of jokes, and probally most disturbingly, it's racist/stereotypical portrails of Mexicans as ugly, lazy, slow-witted beaners...

The next day I found out it was written and directed by THE SAME GUY- Jared Hess!
Ok- I thought- the guy must be Mexican.
But he ain't. He's a film school graduate from UTAH.....

So, like, WHAT UP Hess??!!?!
Whats his deal?

I didn't really like Napolean Dynamite. The plot was pretty good- but the film was flat, boring and droll.
It had GREAT FILM written all over it. JACK BLACK + MEXICAN WRESTLERS!!! Hell, it even had cute kids that were ill-used. But nope. Fell totally flat.
I think this review sums up my thoughts on it pretty accuratly.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The List

Douglas’ confession has got me thinking. About stuff.

So I’ve made a list of music/musicians that I am either supposed to love or have had people tell me that I should be loving- but I DON’T LOVE(for one reason or another)

The List: (in no real order and no doubt will be extended when I think of more!)

Sonic Youth



Ella Fitzgerald

Ryan Adams

Mars Volta

Lester Young

Fletcher Henderson

Sidney Bechet


Tom Waits

PJ Havey

Bloc Party

Something For Kate


Charlie Parker


Flaming Lips

Arctic Monkeys

The Smiths

The Streets

The Hives

Belle and Sebastion

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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Uptown Girl

It's not a good thing at all when an ad for a Billy Joel Best Of.. comes on the tele and you find yourself tapping your foot and thinking "That might be a good album to buy."

Certainly it must be a CLEAR sign that you're entering the mid-30's?

(And Ainslie- NO. I don't really want you to buy me it for Xmas. Unless YOU want it for your b'day?)

Friday, August 04, 2006

Last night Ains and I had dinner at a Malaysian place.

For entree she had the deep fried swamp eel and I had the green curried frog legs and salted duck egg.

We don't fuck around when it comes to food.

Don't start none and there won't be none, holmes!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

3rd August

I'm quite glad that no one called me up on my offer to publish my anecdote.
On reflection if I hesitate- then it's probaly not suitable.
No one wants to read about my night with car-crashes, partying with my gay-neighbor, the naked 40 yr old anorexic widow of a politician, the homo-phobes, the gay club, the moisturizer creams and the angry 'Nam vets....

TODAY, the 3rd of August, marks the first year anniversary of me arriving in London.

To celebrate I have 2 treats!

This website is for all you guys who like to goof off at work.
It makes websites look like word documents so you don't get caught at work! Neat!

And this is for all you Star Wars fans:

Yesterday morning I woke up with a nice idea for a pirate comic. Not sure where it came from. I saw Pirates 2 a few weeks ago now so it's far from my brain.
In doing a bit of research for this idea I found out the reason why the English are called "limeys". It's due to the British Navy's use of LIMES to combat scurvy and Germans are called "krauts" cos the German Navy used sauerkraut....
I always thought the Soapdodgers were called Limeys cos of all the limescale in the water.
But no.

Did you also know that when the Brits say "pants"- they mean UNDERPANTS?? Reminds me of the cool elderly black lady working at the lounge in Vegas who accidentally spilt some of my drink on my leg. As she was apologizing she told us that she didn't call them "pants" but "trousers" because she was "from the old skool".

Aaaah... Vegas.....

Um... managed to see The Wonderstuff after all on the weekend. As we left the festival on saturday we saw that if you sat outside the fence you still had a really good view of the stage- so we went back on the sunday night to catch the 'Stuffies!
They were good! As good as they ever where- which means half the stuff they did was a bit average and the rest was TOPS!
So, y'know, that makes me NOT a pussy!