Tuesday, February 13, 2007

If you're in the area....

.. come and partake of tradition!
My Birthday isn't until monday, but we'll be holing up in a pub on the saturday!

Last year we escaped the horribly cold, wet and grey London weather in a grand pub and it proved to be an awesome birthday!

This year it's forcast to be 38 c+......

......... SCORCHIO!!!!

Friday, February 09, 2007

Ha Ha Ha!

I find this stuff HILARIOUS!!

I can't help it!

I also admit to spending long periods of time looking into convexed shiny surfaces and laughing with glee at my distorted reflection......!!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


I'm on a bit of a nature kick lately.
One of the exciting things about being back in Australia is access to the kick-arse nature!

In the tree outside the 2nd room (where we've got the computers and drawingboard set up) I've placed a bird feeder! It's in plain view from my chair!
The first birds to discover it were the wiley sparrows, then slowly the more timid/slow minded doves have come down to enjoy it. Yesterday I saw a native bird (I'm not sure of it's name, but it's a large, grey nectar-eater) was hanging out in the tree.

Surely now that word has gotten out the lorikeets and galahs that are in the area will come and visit??!!


And speaking of birds:

It seems that whenever I post photo's of ex-pat London Girl, the amount of comments rise.

So... heres DOUBLE your money!

The sisters! Taken on Australia Day at our bbq out the back of our house.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Take a day off?

In high school my friends and I wagged and took organised days off. We filled those days with many adventures. We conned our way into getting a behind the scenes tour of the McDonalds on George St, we went to the cricket, we went to the Sydney Aquarium, we went to the art gallery, we went to a Lego exhibition and more...

Sometimes it is very important to take a day off from the day to day grind and get out and experience things.

So my question to you all is what would you do if you decided to wag tomorrow?